Mommy and Daddy Punish Sarah

In this real punishment film, Sarah’s scene Mommy and Daddy punish her for her excessive drinking while she was in Atlantic City. Mommy had already dealt with the drinking while at parties in the last punishment, so she is not happy to say the least with Sarah yet again. Obviously the message didn’t get through so the spanking will need to be harder. The punishment was filmed while in Houston after a long party weekend where Sarah did behave, but she still needed to learn a lesson. And that lesson is not just about drinking too much while at spanking parties, but about her low self esteem as well. It really upsets her mommy and daddy when she talks down about herself. This is something Sarah has struggled with for a long time, so it will be an ongoing goal to work on this behavior. Both Mommy and Daddy spank Sarah with their hand, then daddy takes the strap to her before Mommy ends with a hard bath brush spanking! Sarah’s most dreaded implement is the bath brush and mommy knows that, so it is reserved for punishment only. It really gets the message across. Sarah is crying very real tears throughout this whole film. Not only does the spanking sting, but the words get to her as well. Sometimes just hearing that mommy and daddy are disappointed in you is enough to bring on tears, Sarah hates to let them down. Don't miss this very raw, very real punishment of Sarah! JOIN FOR MORE

Irresponsible Stevie

Stevie promised mom that she would help with the cleaning and decorating for the party, but she forgets and decides to go shopping instead. Mom doesn't ask much from her daughter and is very upset that Stevie can't even bother to remember to do what little she is asked to do. When Stevie wanders in 10 minutes before the company is due to arrive mother knows the discipline has to be short and sharp to get the message through to her irresponsible daughter. Stevie is taken over mom's knee for a spanking over her tight shorts, sheer panties, and then on the bare bottom. She is then made to ask for the wooden hairbrush, how embarrassing! After a very hard hairbrush spanking, mom sends Stevie to put something less slutty on and get ready for the party. JOIN FOR MORE

Drunk Daughters Disciplined

Momma Dana and Momma Elizabeth sit worrying the night away wondering where their wayward daughters are. Stevie Rose and Ava Nicole didn't come home last night and the mothers fear the worst. Then, in they stagger; giggling and obviously still drunk from a long night of partying. The mothers are furious and agree they both need to be taught a lesson over their knees with their panties pulled down and their bare bottoms spanked. Because of the seriousness of their crime, the girls are spanked with a hairbrush and the paddle. They also receive a hard strapping and tears are shed and promises are made to never touch alcohol again. JOIN FOR MORE

Adriana's Credit Card Comeuppance

Adriana has been caught by mom using the credit card for non-emergency purchases. The whole purpose of being give the card was for emergencies. Well, Adriana has abused the privilege and has been buying lots of slutty and inappropriate clothes. When mom confronts her about it, she at first has an attitude. This soon changes when she is threatened with a spanking. It doesn't matter how many times poor Adriana says she is sorry, she is still going over mom's lap for some hard old fashioned discipline with the hand and hairbrush. Adriana is spanked until she is crying real tears and promising to be a good girl from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Real Discipline from Mommy

This my first on camera and first real life punishment from my new Mommy, Miss Elizabeth. Though this may not be the hardest spanking I have received to date, it was the MOST real I have ever gotten on film. This is a window into my soul and for those of you who are dedicated fans of mine or friends of mine, I know you will appreciate this. This took a lot of courage on my part to show this on film and I had hesitations about filming it, but I wanted to bring this out there and open my heart more to my public. This was the start of something real and honest between the two of us. The start of a beautiful Mommy/Baby Girl relationship, the kind I have needed and craved for so long. To have a mommy that wants to put mer over her knee regularly to show how much she cares. The kind of mommy who constantly roots for me and builds me up when I am down. The mommy who gives me bedtime spankings every night. And most importantly the kind of mommy who loves me for me, regardless of my flaws and wants to make me a better person. In this film I open up, let the viewer into what is going on in my head. Yes I am punished for some behaviors, my messy room. my over-shopping, and drinking. But it is done in a loving caring and nurturing way. Since this punishment, my room has pretty much stayed clean, I haven’t over-shopped online like I used to and I am working on being happier with myself and loving myself more. When she finishes with the bath brush as she KNOWS I hate it, she knows that will drive the point home that she is serious about all of this. I cry real tears throughout this punishment, not purely from the pain; yes it hurt, but also from the emotion, and release, and closeness I feel to my mommy. JOIN FOR MORE

Stevie Spanked By Mom and Dad

Stevie is in BIG trouble. Not only has she been to someone's house whom she was not allowed to go to, but she lied about it and got into a car with her friend who was drunk. So, she is in so much trouble. After a good long scolding from both mom and dad she is taken over each of their knees for a very hard hand spanking. If she would have just confessed and not lied her spanking would have been over, but she didn't confess, she kept lying and lying which only made things worse for her. Now she gets a dose of the belt from daddy and the wooden hairbrush from mommy. She is one sorry little girl who will be following the rules from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Didn't Raise a Stripper

Elle comes home in the middle of the night to find a very angry mommy sitting in her room. Mom has done her research and knows Elle has been stripping and not actually working at the restaurant she claims to be. After emptying her daughter's bag of stripper clothes, she knows her suspicions are true. Elle doesn't know what to say except she is sorry, but mommy is going to make sure of that. It's over her lap for a very hard hand spanking over Elle's tight shorts, panties and then on the bare bottom. But that is not all, the paddle that mom finds in her daughter's bag gets used on her sore behind. Elle is spanked very hard and cries REAL tears of remorse and sorrow as she knows she has let mom down big time and hates to disappoint her. Mommy didn't raise a stripper!!! JOIN FOR MORE

The Paddled Princess

Sarah has been nothing but a spoiled little brat. She has been sitting around all day in her PJs on her phone playing games. Mom gave her instructions before she went to work to help with some of the household chores. Sarah decides not to do them and when mom comes home, she is very upset with her lazy daughter. Sarah has quite the attitude with mom and it isn't until the threat of a spanking that she starts to act a bit more contrite. Once momma has decided that she is going to spank Sarah, there is no turning back. As much as Sarah begs, momma still puts her naughty daughter over her knee. Sarah is spanked VERY hard on her PJs, panties, and then on the bare bottom. After momma uses her hand, she makes Sarah go and fetch the dreaded paddle. Sarah does what momma says even though she is very scared. This is one of the hardest spankings Sarah has taken and it shows. She struggles and promises to be a good girl until Momma finally believes her. JOIN FOR MORE

Breaking the Rules

In this maternal discipline film, Stevie Rose gets spanked with her real life sister Vada Rose by the strict Miss Elizabeth. Vada tells mommy that Stevie has broken one of mommy's golden rules; not having boys over when she is not home. Well Stevie had a boy over and broke this rule. Mommy is very disappointed in Stevie and doesn't waste anytime taking her over the knee for a VERY hard hand and hairbrush spanking right in front of her sister. What mom doesn't know is that Vada has been skipping class 2 to 3 times a week!!! After she feels Stevie has learned a proper lesson in rule breaking, the tables are turned and poor Vada is taken over mommy's lap for a dose of punishment. She is spanked on her shorts, panties, and bare bottom. When mom starts in on the bare bottom real tears start streaming down Vada's face as she promises to be a good girl and not skip class again. It isn't until mommy applies the wooden hairbrush to poor Vada's bare bottom that she believes she will be a good girl from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Linny

Linny was spanked at school for being a terrible and mean brat to her teacher and the other students. When mommy questions her about this, she tries to lie about why she was spanked. Eventually mommy gets the truth out of this brat and gives her a very hard hand and hairbrush spanking on her already very sore bottom. JOIN FOR MORE
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