Rachel's Tearful Lesson

Rachel has been suspended from her private school for bullying some of the other girls and starting a fight. That evening, mom (played by Miss Katherine Worthington) calls her naughty girl into the living room. She had only just received a call from the school informing her of the shocking news as Rachel failed to mention it. She looks at Rachel's bottom but it's clear that the spanking she got at school isn't going to be nearly enough after this fiasco. Mommy takes her naughty girl over her lap for a much harder and more severe hand spanking. She is spanked over her silky pajamas, then on her panties. Finally, since she is at home, Rachel gets a mean bare bottom and thigh spanking. Rachel's bottom and upper thighs turn a deep shade of burning crimson as mommy punishes her for getting suspended. The spanking only ends with the relentless, heavy hitting wooden hairbrush that quickly brings Rachel to a sobbing mess. Her tears stream down her cheeks and onto the couch. Afterward, she is forgiven and told that she was only punished out of love and that she should get ready for bed. She is left to compose herself as she sobs and rubs her sore swollen bottom JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Revenge

Christina is not expecting to find her precious little girl (Sarah) waiting up for her in the master bedroom after she arrives home in suspicious circumstances. Sarah's long term suspicions are confirmed with the sight of her mother (dressed provocatively) sneaking in late at night, looking guilty as heck when she is caught out by her daughter. Now this gives Sarah plans of her own as the tables are turned... Christina has no excuses to give and is at the mercy of her daughter. She admits that she has been seeing a hot young guy behind her husband's back, and reluctantly agree to accept whatever her daughter has planned. So if Christina wants the sordid secret kept that way, she has no choice, no matter how humiliating this might be... to take the punishment Sarah wants to give her. Mom is mortified that a smirking Sarah wants to spank her just the way she dished out many spankings to her girl over the many years. This means she spanks her mom's bare bottom over her lap and uses a mean, stinging leather paddle, the one Christina used on her in the past! Sarah thoroughly enjoys dishing out the same humiliating punishment that was given to her many times in the past. Revenge for Sarah is a dish best served with her hard hand and plenty of servings of a leather paddle! JOIN FOR MORE

Disrespectful Ten's Double Spanking

Ten has really gone and done it this time. She had been extremely rude and disrespectful to the waitress while out for dinner at a nice restaurant with her family. When they get home she is confronted and scolded by her mom and aunt. They sit her down for a proper chastisement about her reprehensible behavior. She embarrassed everyone there and they will not have this family shame. Mommy Elizabeth suggests that Aunt Anna spank Ten first for further humiliation. Being spanked by her Auntie while mother watches truly embarrasses and shames Ten... but worse is to come. Auntie has a hard hand and gives Ten a mean bare bottom spanking following that with a painful wooden hairbrush whacking that has the poor girl gasping in disbelief. Then it is Mom's turn as Auntie watches while the same hard bare bottom blistering is carried out with the maternal hand and wooden implement as before... making Ten kick and wriggle over the matriarch's firm lap. The poor miserable wretch promises to be far better behaved and respectful from now on... or else! JOIN FOR MORE

Lily's Afterschool Spanking

Lily confessed to Father O'Mally about smoking "Pot" with friends. He felt it was necessary to tell her mother about this "sordid" behavior. Upon her return home from school, mom is waiting anxiously for her naughty girl. She confronts her about this and Lily is honest but that doesn't stop her from getting a spanking right there and then. Lily is taken over mommy's lap and given a spanking whilst still in her school uniform pinafore dress, then over her starched navy regulation school knickers, and of course... as always at home, on the bare, jiggling bottom. Mommy finishes this particular punishment with a stiff wooden hairbrush that has poor Lily yelping and crying out in pain as the stinging implement colors her cheeks to a shameful crimson. No self-respecting, good catholic girl of mom will be touching "Pot" in the future! JOIN FOR MORE

Lola Spanked Diapered and Soaped

Mommy has just caught her very lewd, dirty slut of a girl giving a blow job on a guy she had only just met. She is very upset after kicking out the skanky boy and calls Lola into her room to "discuss" this filthy sex act straight away. It doesn't help Lola that she is wearing a short slutty skirt and just a bra. Mommy didn't raise a little "slut whore" of a daughter and she is determined to teach this disgraceful brat a lesson through punishment and humiliation. First, she gives her daughter a hard spanking right there over her lap, over Lola's bare bottom with her mean hand, and then the dreaded stinging hairbrush. Lola's bottom turns a speckled red and then she is put into a crinkly, large cute babygirl diaper... after having her privates powdered for further humiliation. Her punishment only ends with the slutty diapered girl getting her mouth thoroughly washed out with a bar of soap again and again as she looks in the mirror at her shameful face! Her shame is complete when a pacifier is placed into her mouth, with only the taste of the nasty soap and not that awful guy's dick in her mouth to remember the evening by! JOIN FOR MORE

Sneaky Kalaisha Spanked

Kalaisha has been sneaking around by getting a job at Hooters. She knows that her mom won't approve, but she really loves the job and the money so continues to work there secretly. One night after work, she is sneaking in and doesn't realize that her mother is sitting in the foyer waiting for her naughty girl. Mom has a feeling Kalaisha is up to no good and she is right. Kalaisha still tries to lie even when she is caught wearing her work uniform and coming in late. When she misbehaves, she knows she gets spanked and that is precisely what is going to happen. Mommy spanks her naughty girl over her slutty Hooters shorts, her tights, and on her bare bottom with hand and brush. Kalaisha's bottom turns a dark shade of shameful crimson by the time this spanking is finished. After her punishment, she is sent upstairs to bed. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Violet Spanked by Mom

Violet has been sent home from school early for dressing inappropriately. She has worn a short tight dress and to top it off, she has failed to remember to wear panties. Mom is horrified at the sight of her daughter dressed like this. After a good scolding, she tells Violet to remove that offending dress, leaving her naked except for her shoes... emphasizing what a slut she is. Then mom takes Violet over her lap for a hard hand spanking, all the while making sure her girl feels thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed. To finish this punishment... the wooden hairbrush, in full view of poor Violet all this time, is used across her aching sore red bottom. Having to anticipate that hairbrush made it all the worse and that is exactly what her mom had planned. This short sharp shock style film features some excellent mean spankings with fantastic facial reactions from Violet. JOIN FOR MORE

Opal and Fae Spanked and Diapered

Opal and Fae are having a fun afternoon at Fae's house, but now it is time for the playdate to end and for Opal to go home. They don't like this and are very loud and bratty when told that it's time to finish. Between the talking back, whining, and plain rudeness, they earn a long overdue spanking. Mommy won't have this bratty and childish behavior in her house. If they are going to act like babies, they will be treated as such. They are each taken over the knee for a good hard hand spanking. Next, the brats are placed, side by side, over the edge of the bed as Mommy takes the family strap to their bare upturned cheeks. Their bottoms turn a dark shade of crimson as they cry out in pain. Their punishment isn't over yet though, Mommy has one more final humiliation for them: A diapering! She diapers the two naughty girls laid out on the bed, bared, legs parted and exposed next to each other. They can only cover their faces in utter shame and embarrassment with this humiliating part of their long punishment. Those who act like naughty petulant little girls get treated as such. JOIN FOR MORE

Bratty Stepdaughter Amelia

Amelia has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to her stepmother. Even when confronted about her nasty behavior, Amelia is still acting like a petulant little girl. Step-mommy knows just how to deal with brats like this: a good old fashioned spanking. She takes Amelia right over her lap first for a hand spanking and then with a leather paddle. Amelia finally starts to learn her lesson when her bottom gets a darker shade of red. She will not be showing this kind of disrespect anymore. JOIN FOR MORE

Raw Dinner Cooked Bottom

Andy was told to have dinner ready for when mom returns from work. Instead, on her day off, she decides to just hang around all day at home doing nothing while her mother is hard at work. When mom comes home to a still raw chicken she is very upset. She confronts Andy, who is sitting in the dining room with her feet on the table. Andy is very blasé about it all and has no valid excuse. Well, since there is no food cooking, mom is going to tenderize Andy's poor bottom and cook that until it is sore, red, and hot. Andy is spanked over her mom's lap on the high dining chair before she is given the wooden spoon bent over the table. Her cheeks are bared and vulnerable as the wooden implement bruises her aching sore bottom. She is one sorry young lady who learns that laziness at home has consequences. JOIN FOR MORE
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