I Will Never Steal Again

Sarah is unbelievable, she has taken stealing from a hotel room way too far. Not only has she packed a few towels in her luggage, but she has taken the un-used toilet paper, a pillow, and the Holy Bible. It's all very silly and she just wants to see what she can get away with. However, mommy confronts her and is really upset when she discovers Sarah's ridiculous attempt at taking hotel property. After some pointless arguing on Sarah's part, mom is so furious with her that she takes her naughty daughter over her lap for a hard hand spanking. Sarah still thinks that the whole thing was one big joke and doesn't appear to be learning her lesson. So down come her panties and the spankings get harder and meaner. Sarah's attitude is still poor so mommy uses the hairbrush, Sarah's most hated implement. Mommy even makes her daughter fetch the hairbrush to give to her mother, being told to ask her for a hairbrush spanking. How embarrassing! Now Sarah finally learns her lesson as her cheeks turn red with the painful punishment. It's going to be a long, uncomfortable trip back home with a throbbing sore bottom! JOIN FOR MORE

Sloshed Slut Spanked By Mommy

Mommy is worried sick about her daughter Veronica. There's no word from her and she has been out all night. Veronica comes sneaking in after having been out drinking and she is the worse for wear. Mommy is very upset and scolds her naughty, tipsy daughter who argues and complains that she is not a little girl anymore. However, the argument is soon over as Veronica's mother informs her that not only is she going to get a spanking right there, but she has prepared something special: A further punishment with a wooden paddle and brush to really teach her girl a lesson. Veronica's bare bottom is given a thorough hand spanking over mommy's lap which is humiliating enough, but she feels the cool wood of the hairbrush on her sore backside and fears the worst. She hates the hairbrush, it stings like hell and mommy doesn't hold back at all. Then she is told to bend over the couch for her wooden paddling, something she only ever got at school. Well, not anymore, it's paddlings at home from now on when she takes advantage of the trust placed in her. Veronica is one very sorry, sore young lady. JOIN FOR MORE

Sneaky Sluts Spanked and Strapped

Mom is out of ideas as she sits on the couch waiting for her daughter and her best friend to come home. They have not only broken the set curfew a little bit, but been out ALL night. They stumble in wearing very slutty clothing, looking worse for wear and still tipsy from drinking too much liquor. They got back near midday, 12 hours after their agreed time to return, Mother was frantic, what if they had been attacked or in hospital? They didn't answer their phones, she was very nearly ready to call the police! Sarah is shocked and doesn't think they did anything wrong as she states, "we are back at 11" - of course it was the wrong 11! Mom is not having the attitude or sass from these two little sluts, she is grateful they made it back but these 2 young madams need to learn a lesson. That lesson is learned over her lap for a good old fashioned hard hand and hair brush spanking. Sarah isn't even wearing any panties, so her bare bottom is soundly spanked. Both girls watch the other's spanking before they are bent over on the couch with their bare bottoms high in the air as Mother's mean leather strap teaches a final lesson in timekeeping, broken promises and communication! No doubt these girls will have plenty to think about when they sleep off their shennigans with very sore red bottoms. JOIN FOR MORE

Angel's Long Punishment

Angel is in so much trouble. The previous evening she was trusted to look after her younger sister so that Mommy and Daddy could spend a quality night out together. However, it seemed that Angel was not so good at being left in charge. In fact, she was downright irresponsible after allowing her younger sister to get intoxicated leaving her alone in the swimming pool... anything could have happened! Mom knew all about this and wanted to hear Angel's side of the story while Dad went to work. Her lies and poor behavior earns Angel a trip over Mommy's lap as she is given a hard hand spanking over her pajama bottoms and as the lies progress... her tight panties and eventually her bared bottom. By the time Mommy was using the heavy hairbrush on Angel's tender, sore behind... she admitted that she had still been lying as she just wanted to make the punishment stop. Angel was told to expect her Daddy to be told and worse was to come when he got home! Again, she is spanked in the same harsh manner by him, scolded for her lies and putting her younger sister in danger. Daddy's leather strap is used on her now aching behind as she is laid out over the sofa, crying out in pain and promising not do this again! Mommy uses the hairbrush one final time, to enforce the message home how very disappointed they both are and a sobbing Angel is comforted and hugged by both parents, as she is told they love and care for her but this is a lesson she must learn. She is then sent to bed early to reflect on her double punishment! JOIN FOR MORE

Stevie's Foul Mouth

Stevie is in big trouble with mom. She has had such an attitude lately. It is the last string when mom comes in the room to talk to her and Stevie in on her phone. Mom tries to take the phone and Stevie tells her to "Fuck off" and puts her hand up. BIG mistake. It is right over mommy's lap for a hard hand and wooden hairbrush spanking. Her punishment is not over though with just a spanking...oh no! Mommy has another special punishment in store for her naughty daughter; a mouth soaping. Stevie is led to the bathroom bare bottomed and given a very messy and sudsy soaping she won't soon forget. JOIN FOR MORE

Scouting For Trouble

Miss Bernadette, scout leader, is very disappointed in Elori once again. Not only has Elori been misbehaving, but she has been getting Cherry, her daughter, in trouble. She explains to Cherry that Elori will be coming over so the two of them can be dealt with. After a good scolding, each naughty girl is taken over the knee for some old fashioned discipline. After, they are bent over and strapped side by side. Elori is given extra as it was her who got Cherry in trouble and was being a bad influence. JOIN FOR MORE

The Bathbrush For Kali

Mom is royally pissed off. Kali has left her "special" candles burning in the house yet again so mom confiscates the candles. Kali comes home and is upset that her precious candles are gone. Mom explains how this is a safety hazard and that there could have been a fire. Kali doesn't seem to care, so mom is going to light up her naughty daughter's bottom and make it feel like fire with a hard hand spanking and then the wooden Bathbrush. This leaves Kali's bottom sore and marked and one sorry sorry girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Andy's Foul Mouth

See new spanking model, Andy Moon, get her first online spanking and first mouth soaping ever in this fabulous traditional mother/daughter spanking film. Andy had been spanked at school for her disrespect and foul language and mommy has had it. That evening Andy is told to be waiting in her bedroom in her pajamas ready for her spanking. A spanking at school means a spanking at home. Mommy also has another punishment planned for poor Andy, a mouth soaping for this naughty girl's disrespect and foul mouth will teach her a proper lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

What Happens to Naughty Girls

Mommy is furious at her daughter Skylar for getting in trouble at school. As Skylar is trying to sneak off to bed, mommy listens to her phone messages and there is one from school alerting her that they had to spank her daughter in front of all the other students. She was behaving so poorly at school that the teacher had to spank her. The rule is that a spanking at school means a spanking at home, so poor Skylar is taken over her mother's lap for a hand and hairbrush spanking on her already spanked sore sore bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Poor Grades Smarting Bottom

Chrissy was spanked and caned at school for poor grades and of course mom was given a phone call. That evening she knows that she is in for another spanking as a spanking at school means a spanking at home. Chrissy sits in her room in her Pajamas and is contrite and scared. Mommy comes in and solids her and then takes the naughty girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking followed by the brush. Chrissy promises to do better in school as she doesn't want a spanking like this again. JOIN FOR MORE
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