A Letter from School

Sarah comes home from school to find her mom, very angry, sitting on the couch with a letter from her teacher. Mom has Sarah read this letter out-loud. Sarah acts surprised at all the things her teacher is saying about her. Her missed assignments, bad grades, laziness, and the list just goes on. Sarah's teacher suggests a form of "correction" to deal with Sarah's bad behavior at school and wants her mother to carry out this "correction." Mom doesn't take anymore time and pulls Sarah right over her lap for a spanking. The leggings come down pretty quickly to reveal Sarah's already pink bottom. Mommy spanks Sarah on her panties and bare bottom before switching to the dreaded Mason Pearson hairbrush which Sarah hates. She begs her mommy not to use it, but that doesn't do any good. Mommy knows that the only way Sarah will learn is with a good hard dose of the brush. After her spanking, Sarah is made to stand facing the wall with her red spanked bottom on display while her mother looks over the letter again. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked Like a Little Girl

Ava has been acting like nothing other than a spoiled little brat and mommy has had enough. After making Ava put on an embarrassing onsie, she has her naughty daughter wait for the next part of her humiliating punishment. When mommy comes in, Ava is still complaining and being bratty. So, it's over mommy's lap she goes for a bare bottom spanking. After the hand spanking, she is made to ask for the hairbrush, which she hates. Having to ask for it makes her feel stupid. She does as mommy says since she has no choice in the matter. After a very hard hairbrush spanking which has Ava kicking and sobbing, mommy has one more very humiliating form of punishment for poor Ava. Diapers! Mommy puts a diaper on this brat because when you act like a child, you get treated like one. How humiliating! JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked for Stealing

Sarah and Harley have been caught stealing and mommy is pissed. Momma Dana sits these two criminals down for a long scolding sessions before spanking them each on their panties and bare bottoms. She then makes them kneel up on the couch to be spanked side by side before taking them back over her lap for a dose of the wooden hairbrush. Sarah and Harley are spanked until they are crying real tears! JOIN FOR MORE

The Naughty Little Girl

In this Custom film, I play a 20 year old still living at home with my strict mommy. I keep having accidents in bed and mommy is very upset with me. Because of this she humiliates me and treats me like a naughty little girl. This entails hard over the knee spankings, diapering, and pants checks. How humiliating!! In this film, mommy is always scolding me, spanking me, and of course she puts a diaper on me. JOIN FOR MORE

Strictmoor Academy Year 1 Scene Eleven

In scene 11 of this feature length film, Jennifer (Played by Bianca Rose) had been rude to her teachers at college and a note was sent home to mother. Mother (Mrs. Cooper) was less than pleased and is determined to make an example of poor Jennifer. Because she was rude in a public setting, her punishment will be carried out in a public setting; in front of the class at her mother’s academy. She gets the back of her thighs smacked before being taken over her mother’s knee for a bare bottom spanking. This has Jennifer kicking and sobbing. After her spanking she is made to sit on her sore spanked bottom and write a letter of apology to her teacher. That evening the inevitable happened, she was spanked again, but this time by Miss Drower, the housemother. She is taken over the knee and spanked on her already spanked red bottom with the slipper before being led up the stairs to bed. JOIN FOR MORE

Disobedient Daughter

Mommy has told Isobel 4 times that she needs to be in bed sleeping but naughty Isobel isn't listening. Instead she is up playing with her toys. A good over the knee spanking from mommy will teach this disobedient girl to listen from now on. Isobel is taken over the knee and spanked over her Pajamas, panties, and then on the bare bottom until her bottom is burning red! JOIN FOR MORE

Mean Girls Get Spanked

Mommy is very disappointed in her little girl when she finds out that Sarah has been mean to her fellow students at school and to her teachers. After scolding her, mommy takes Sarah over her lap to teach her a lesson about being mean. She spanks her over her cute pajamas, then on her snug fitting cotton panties, and ends with the dreaded bare bottom spanking. Sarah cries out in pain but Mommy is determined to teach this naughty girl a lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Aysel

Aysel has been told to get ready for bed and she is instead playing with her stuffed bears. When mom comes in to check on her, she is rude and disobedient. This only earns her a scolding and a trip over a very upset mommy's lap for a spanking. JOIN FOR MORE

Stevie Spanked by Mom

Mom is very upset with her daughter, Stevie. There is $20 missing from her handbag and Stevie is lying to her face. She knows Stevie stole it and is going to teach this lying brat a lesson she won't ever forget about stealing and lying to mommy. She takes Stevie over her knee for a very hard hand spanking, this for stealing. She then makes Stevie ask for the hairbrush, this she will get for lying. As mom's arm goes up and brings down the wooden hairbrush hard, Stevie begs and promises to be a good girl from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Violet

Violet has been a very very naughty girl. She has been masturbating when she knows she is not supposed to be doing such vulgar things. Mommy walks in to tuck her precious daughter into bed and find the sight of her innocent daughter with her fingers in her vagina. After a quick scolding, she takes naughty violet over her maternal strong lap for the spanking this disobedient brat deserves. Violet's bottom turns a dark shade of pink as she squirms in pain. JOIN FOR MORE
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