Thieving Girlscout Kiki

Kiki has been keeping a lot of the money from the cookie sales and not handing it in. Mommy is very upset and this kind of thieving behavior will not be tolerated. After an initial scolding, she takes the naughty girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking. Kiki's bottom reddens underneath the crisp white panties, but they are kept on for long as they are pulled down and the spanking continues. Kiki knows what is coming next, the Mason & Pearson hairbrush has been in front of her all along and now she must hand it over and ask Mommy to use it on her bare behind... how humiliating! She is given a hard stinging hairbrush spanking, which really grabs her attention, ensuring this naughty girl will not be stealing anymore. JOIN FOR MORE

Jayda's Thermometer Punishment

In this special custom spanking and rectal thermometer film, Jayda Blayze plays the naughty lying daughter of Miss Katherine Worthington. Jayda is still in bed when Mommy comes in to check why she is not yet up getting ready for school. Jayda complains that she is not feeling well, so mom tells her to go back to sleep and that she can stay home from school. Mom has a sneaking suspicion that Jayda is lying so instead of going to work, she waits in the living room. True to form, Jayda is caught trying to sneak out of the house, dressed up like a slut. She is surprised to see Mom sat on the leather Chesterfield couch waiting for her! If Jayda is really sick, Mommy decides the best and most embarrassing way to check her temperature is done... rectally. She takes a humiliated Jayda over her lap, pulls down her panties, and uses a digital thermometer up her tight quivering bumhole. Jayda is so embarrassed and cannot believe this is happening. Mommy knows her girl is lying so she is prepared to teach a very important lesson to Jayda about lying and pretending to be sick. After confirming there is no fever from the relentless beeping of the thermometer confirming a normal reading, it is time for the spanking. Naughty lying tarts who try to sneak out to their boyfriend's place get spanked hard! After her bare bottom spanking in the Living Room, mommy has plans to further humiliate Jayda. Since she is faking sick and acting like a naughty little girl, she will be taken to the nursery and made to wear little girl clothes and get another spanking, but this time with the hairbrush. After standing in timeout, Jayda once again takes a trip over the stern maternal lap for a mean spanking with the dreaded hairbrush. After her bottom is aching, sore, and hot... Mommy uses the special old-fashioned baby thermometer to further embarrass her girl. Jayda is left with her swollen, sore bottom in the air with a thermometer sticking unceremoniously out of it. We are sure you will enjoy this very special film featuring rectal temperature takings and spankings. JOIN FOR MORE

Slut Shamed, Spanked and Soaped


Lazy Sarah Red Bottom

Sarah is being a real brat to Mommy when asked why her chores are not done. Sarah replies, "isn't that what parents are for?" Of course, it is not! In fact, Sarah has been asked many times to help with the dishes and laundry. Instead, she just sits around all day checking her phone and being lazy. When confronted about this behavior her attitude gets her into more trouble and a well-deserved trip across Mommy's lap is exactly what is needed to teach this bone idle brat a lesson. Sarah is spanked over her tight leggings, her panties, and (naturally for such a naughty brat) on her bare, quivering bottom by Mommy's stinging hand. Sarah learns a lesson the hard way about being lazy and not doing her chores. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Anna Spanked and Caned

A very angry mom waits for her girl to arrive home from school. She has just received a call from the principal informing her that her girl, Anna, has been dressed like a slut and was sent home in shame. Anna shows up with a big attitude and very little clothing. It doesn't take long to punish that slutty attitude right out of this outrageous brat. With hard face slaps and an over-the-knee spanking, she soon learns her lesson. Mom isn't finished with her though and delivers a mean 12 stroke caning. Anna is left a crying sorry mess and she understands the message that respect, decorum, and being more modest in appearance are important traits for any young lady in this house. JOIN FOR MORE

Piano Punishment

Rachel is being a real brat when mom comes to check if she is practicing at the piano. A lot of money is paid for her lessons, and Rachel just sits there on her phone not taking it all seriously. This is not the first time she has been spoken to about her laziness when it comes to practice. Not only that... she has an attitude when confronted over it by her mom. She is in need of a good old-fashioned spanking and that is just what she gets. Mommy takes her naughty girl over the lap for a well-deserved punishment with her hand on her bare bottom followed by the dreaded hairbrush. Rachel is spanked hard until her face is a tear-stained mess as well as a very sore red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Mom and Dad Spank Ten

Mom has found a box of cigarettes in Ten's room while cleaning. When confronted by her parents, she denies it. Lying will only get her into more trouble. After a stern talking to she is taken over mommy's lap and spanked. Then, she is spanked by dad. After a hard hand spanking from each, she is then spanked with the wooden hairbrush and given the family strap. Ten has learned a very hard lesson in what happens when she smokes and lies about it. JOIN FOR MORE

Angelica's Afterschool Spanking

Angelica has been a very, very naughty girl. She has been spanked at school and Mommy is not happy at all. When Angelica arrives home, she finds her Mom is sitting in the living room waiting for her! After a stern talking to... Angelica lies at first and says everything went well at school. However, she eventually admits to the truth and for her foolish lies, she earns a trip over the maternal lap. She is spanked first over her school pinafore, then on her regulation school knickers, and finally on her bare bottom. Mom ends the punishment with the dreaded Mason and Pearson hairbrush which has the poor girl gasping and squirming in pain. A sorry-looking Angelica is left to rub her sore, red spanked bottom while dinner is prepared. JOIN FOR MORE

Elori Strapped and Mouthsoaped

Elori has not only been dressing inappropriately but she has been swearing at mom and using all sorts of nasty, mean words. Mom has had enough of this foul behavior and she decides her girl needs a good old-fashioned hard strapping. She confronts Elori before her girl's bedtime but the brat is still using such foul, disgusting language! Elori is told to get on her tummy for her discipline and she is punished with the heavy leather "Family Strap" over her white panties which don't offer much protection and then on her bare, exposed bottom. After her strapping, she is marched to the bathroom for a very sudsy, cleansing mouth soaping which scrubs away all the nasty swear words from her foul mouth. JOIN FOR MORE

Ami's Bedtime Spanking

Previously on, Ami was spanked and given a hard belting from dad (Selfish Ami Disciplined by Dad) for using his company credit card for frivolous spending. Later that evening, it is now mom's turn to punish poor Ami's already sore, throbbing bottom. If Ami thought her rounded cheeks were sore before, she doesn't know what sore is! Ami is spanked again over her swollen bottom with mom's hard hand before she is told she will also be getting the wooden hairbrush. Mom is pissed off to the maximum and makes this very well known between her stern scolding and hard swats. Ami is then told to stand and apologize before being sent upstairs to bed sobbing and rubbing her sore red bottom on a slow walk of deep shame. JOIN FOR MORE
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