Punished For Cheating

Mom is very disappointed when she finds a stack of school reports in Melody's room. She has been selling school reports to as she claims "help others cheat." Mom is so upset that her daughter is actually doing this. The daughter she raised to be honest and well behaved is cheating. Well, it's right over mom's lap for a very hard spanking over her white panties and then on the bare bottom. Lastly, she is given the hard wooden hairbrush relentlessly on her bare bottom until she is pleading with mommy and promising to be a good girl and not cheat anymore. JOIN FOR MORE

The Bathbrush for Stevie

Stevie is taking her jolly time in the bath and mom has asked her many times to get ready. Finally mom has had it and pulls lazy Stevie out of the tub and spanks her on her wet bottom with her hand and bath brush very hard until Stevie is begging for it to stop and promising to do as she is told from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Hairbrush for Harley

Harley has not listened to mommy. She has gone and taken out her costume for the school play and worn it to play in. Mommy catches her jumping on her bed in it. She was specifically told not to wear it before the play and she ignored that and did it anyways. Mommy is less than pleased and knows that the only way her naughty daughter will learn is with a swift hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Harley is taken over the knee and spanked soundly until she is a very sore and sorry little girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Strictmoor Academy Year 1 Scene Three

Scene 3 of this feature length film opens in the classroom. Miss Jackson (Dana Specht) and Ms. Cooper (Tasha Lee) each teach the class. There is no incident as all the students are on their toes since hearing about the rules and discipline of the school. None of them want to find themselves over either of the teacher's knee getting a bare bottom spanking. After classes, Sarah narrates a spanking she hears and witnesses from her bedroom. Jennifer, played by Bianca Rose, is Ms. Cooper's daughter. She is home on break and mom has been sent a letter about her misdoing's at school. Mom is less than pleased to say the least and plans to deal with this in the strict disciplinary way she knows best. Sarah listens to the scolding and then the spanking of poor Jennifer. The spanking continues until she is sore, red and promising never to be a naughty girl again. But this is not to be the last spanking Jennifer will receive.... JOIN FOR MORE

Strictmoor Academy Year 1 Scene Two

Scene 2 of this feature length film is the flashback scene where we see various spankings played out from each of the girls pasts. They all recall a time in the not to distant past that they were disciplined the old fashioned way with an over the knee bare bottom spanking by their mother or step mother. We see the spankings of Harley Havik, Stevie Rose, Jordanna Leigh, Sarah Gregory, Adriana Evans, Linny Lace, and Ami Mercury. The flashbacks are in black and white and we hear Sarah narrating at times from her perspective of the spankings. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Little Thief

Isobel has taken her mother's clothes and worn them yet again even though she has been warned multiple times not to. She has a habit of wearing mom's clothes and ruining them. Now she is wearing her mom's dress and denies it when questioned. Mommy spanks her naughty daughter for being a little thief. JOIN FOR MORE

What a Brat Deserves

Stevie is being such a brat. Mom has asked her to clean her room and she has attitude with her and then calls her a bitch. Oh, that is it, mom has had it! She takes Stevie over her lap for a spanking, but Stevie doesn't seem to care, which only makes her mom more angry. Lastly, Stevie goes for a hard strapping and paddling because that is just what THIS brat deserves. JOIN FOR MORE

Little Misbehaving Alice

Alice has been a very naughty little girl by disobeying her mommy. Mommy has asked her not to jump on the bed as she might hit her head and get hurt. Well she doesn't listen and keep jumping and of course, gets hurt. Mommy is scared when she hears the scream, but when she sees it was just a little bump and Alice is ok, she makes sure she gets screams out of her for making her worry. She takes Alice over her knee after a proper scolding. Alice is spanked over her cute pajamas, then on her tight panties, and finally on the bare bottom with mommy's hand and dreaded wooden hairbrush. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked by Mommy and Daddy

Angel has been a very very bad girl. Since she was caned at school for missing class, she decided to stay out even later hoping her parents would be in bed already and she wouldn't have to explain. Well....she got that wrong. She came strolling in late and they were both waiting for her, both royally pissed off. They sit her down and confront her about where she was and she has attitude and a sassy mouth. Mom and Dad will not have this behavior. Angel is in for the punishment of her life that brings real tears of remorse to her eyes. Over Mommy and then Daddy's knee for a hard hand spanking it is, then she is to get the wooden hairbrush from mom and the belt from dad. Angel will not be lying, sneaking in late, or having attitude again. JOIN FOR MORE

Mom's Painful Lesson

Mom is very upset with Sarah. Sarah has not only gone to a party that she was told not to go to, but she has been arrested as there were drugs at the party. She knows she is going to be punished and as much as she is sorry and pleads with mom that won't get her out of it. Mom takes her over the knee and spanks her very hard until she is very sorry and has a sore red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE
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