Harley's Bedtime Punishment

Harley didn't want her mother to see the poor Report Card so she had forged her signature at school and was easily found out and got a spanking for her troubles. That evening, Harley knows what is in store for her as her parents were informed of her earlier behavior. She knows at bedtime she will get yet another spanking... because when she is "spanked at school she is spanked at home". Mommy takes her lying brat over the maternal lap for a hard hand and wooden bathbrush spanking. Harley yelps and cries out aloud as the heavy implement brings flowing tears and a very sore, stinging red bottom. Her discipline is far from over as a tear-stained Harley is led to the bathroom for a mouth-soaping punishment. The reason for this is plain; Girls who lie and try to hide a poor report card get their mouths washed out with soap! After the harsh soaping, Harley is one very sorry sad girl who will find her bed uncomfortable to lie in tonight. JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah the Brat

In this custom spanking film, Sarah is such a total brat to Mommy Samantha. After sneaking out to see a boy (which she was forbidden to do) Sarah sneaks back home to find her angry mom waiting for her, sat on the couch. Sarah knew full well she shouldn't have been out since she was grounded. Secondly, her bratty attitude and demeanor to her mother are very disrespectful. Mommy wastes no further time arguing and pulls the naughty brat over her lap for a spanking. Sarah struggles and kicks which only makes Mommy more upset. She is told to pull down her tight jeans so the spanking can continue on her panties with the hairbrush. By now, with the continual complaining, leg kicking, and answering back, mommy removes her panties and stuffs them in Sarah's obnoxious mouth to keep her quiet. Now the hairbrush is used with even more vigor across her exposed bare cheeks. The brat's legs flail and kick as she continues to complain, even with the panties stuffed in her mouth! How humiliating! By the time her bottom is sore and a burning red, Sarah finally learns a lesson by giving a sincere apology. JOIN FOR MORE

Violet's Afterschool Spanking

Violet has been a very naughty girl. She was spanked at school for not turning up to class and instead, went shoplifting with her friends. The spanked bottom she got at school was not nearly enough punishment (as far as her Mother is concerned) and a spanking at school always means a spanking at home too. After a stern scolding, Mother takes her naughty girl over the lap for a richly deserved mean, hard hand spanking. Violet kicks and squirms and promises to be a good girl. Mother always knows best in this house; A proper lesson isn't learned until the hairbrush meets the bare bottom, and that is exactly what happens next. She didn't bring up her girl to be a little thief... this is one lesson that Violet will not forget in a hurry. JOIN FOR MORE

Lily's Bedtime Spanking

Lily has promised Mommy that she would clean up after dinner and tidy the house since they have a showing the next morning. Mom doesn't have time to do the cleaning and Lily promised. Sadly for Lily, she didn't and now mom has had to miss her work meeting to get everything cleaned up, prepared and ready. She is not happy and takes it out on Lily's tight, bare bottom with a mean, hard hand spanking. This punishment is far from over and to teach this brat a lesson she will remember, Mom uses a hairbrush to teach her girl that laziness has consequences. JOIN FOR MORE

Stepmommy Spanks Andy

Andy has been very rude to her StepMommy. She has been demanding rides to the mall, throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way and generally being a rude, obnoxious brat. StepMommy Sky has had enough of this bratty behavior and is going to teach Andy a very important lesson about respecting her elders. She is taken over Sky's strong maternal thighs for an over the knee, bare bottom spanking that this brat will not soon forget. Sky's firm hand and scolding shows Andy who is in charge as the new StepMom asserts her authority the only she knows how: Ensuring the best lessons are always learned on sore and bared, quivering buttocks. JOIN FOR MORE

Veronica Spanked Before School

Veronica has recently found out that she has been accepted to the college of her choice so she feels she deserves a break at home. She is still required to attend school but wants to take the day off and snooze since she stayed up way too late the night before (after being told multiple times to go to bed). Mom is already late for work and still with her hair in curlers as she was trying to get Veronica up for well over an hour. However, she decides that "enough is enough" when she discovers Veronica is not actually sick in an effort to stay home. She grabs her naughty girl, taking her over the maternal lap on the bed for a hard hand spanking punishment, whilst scolding Veronica continually. To teach her lazy girl a further lesson, she uses a stinging leather slipper (that she knows Veronica hates) and repeatedly swats her bare, sore behind with it until it is a glowing, shameful red. Veronica learns she is never too old to be disciplined at home the old-fashioned way! JOIN FOR MORE

Violet's Bedtime Punishment

Violet has been spanked at school for using foul language. That evening she knows that she will be spanked again as "a spanking at school means a spanking at home". Violet is very sorry already but that is not good enough. Mommy takes the naughty girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking on her bare, exposed bottom. Violet kicks and squirms until Mommy has to put her into a leg lock and then continues to spank her with the hairbrush. After Violet's bottom is very red and sore, she is taken by the ear to the bathroom for a wicked, mouth soaping. Mommy scrubs the filthy tongue and the inside of her foul-mouthed girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Stepsisters Spanked

Sarah and Portia are stepsisters living in England. Sarah's father has recently remarried and now Sarah is under the roof of her strict stepmother and must obey the house rules. The most important rule is to obey curfew. Instead, Sarah and her new stepsister, Portia decide to stay out late and go to the new fetish club in town. Of course Portia gets spanked at the club, but Sarah too scared just watches. Well, things don't go well for the two naughty girls upon arriving home. There is a very angry mommy sitting on the bed waiting. She cannot believe first how slutty the two are dressed, and where they went. Well, if her own daughter likes being spanked so much, mommy can make that happen. Portia complains that she doesn't want to be spanked this way. Sarah is in shock as she had never been spanked, but stepmommy has the authority to dish out the discipline in the house and that is precisely what the two miscreants get. Both ladies are spanked until their bottoms are a burning red. They are two very sore sorry girls. JOIN FOR MORE

More Tears for Rachel

Rachel has been told that she is not to have her no good boyfriend over to the house, so she takes that literally... and decides to get a hotel room to meet up with him. Mom tracks Rachel down easily as she had used the family credit card for the hotel booking. Not only has Rachel disobeyed mom, but she is sassy and dressed like a slut. Mom is very angry and the only way to teach her naughty girl a lesson is with a good old-fashioned over the knee spanking and that is exactly what she gets. This is not how Rachel had planned her day, she thought, as she found herself over mom's lap, getting her bare bottom spanked a glowing red. After her spanking, she is bent over the couch, bottom stuck out, for the stinging leather family Strap which brings Rachel to sobbing tears once more. JOIN FOR MORE

Sisters Spanked and Soaped

Stevie and Veda Rose have such a mean, nasty attitude whenever they are confronted by their mom... and this time it is about their continuing filthy habit of smoking foul-smelling tobacco cigarettes! This behavior is not how mom has raised them, not at all! She is determined to teach her daughters a lesson once and for all. They are both spanked in front of each other over mom's lap with her hard hand followed by a stinging wooden paddle that they both fear and hate. The added humiliation of being punished in front of each other is next taken to the bathroom where these two miscreants are mouth soaped side by side for the first time ever in their miserable lives! The soaping punishment is very thorough and sudsy (as one would expect from Miss Elizabeth) where each of them sees the other taking a soaping adding to the obvious trepidation... When sisters misbehave together they are punished together! JOIN FOR MORE
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