Mom's Painful Lesson

Mom is very upset with Sarah. Sarah has not only gone to a party that she was told not to go to, but she has been arrested as there were drugs at the party. She knows she is going to be punished and as much as she is sorry and pleads with mom that won't get her out of it. Mom takes her over the knee and spanks her very hard until she is very sorry and has a sore red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Syrena

Mom had found cigarettes in Syrena's purse and is not happy. After confronting her daughter, she takes this naughty girl over her knee for a hard spanking with hand and heavy ebony hairbrush until Syrena is crying and promising not to put her health at risk again. But that is not the worst of it, she must wait for daddy to now come and deal with her. Coming soon to - "Daddy Spanks Syrena" JOIN FOR MORE

Kitchen Bottom Burning

Mom comes home to a very messy kitchen. Stevie was told that if she makes a mess, she cleans it up. Well, Stevie didn't listen to mom and when mom got home, things got ugly. Stevie was called into the kitchen and given a damn good scolding from a very angry mom. Then, mom bent Stevie over the counter for a very hard hand spanking and finished her off with the wooden spoon. Stevie was crying in pain and promising to be good and do as she is told from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Ava The Brat

Ava has just been an all around bratty little girl and mommy has had it. Mommy calls Ava in, scolds her and then takes her over the knee for a spanking. Ava is spanked over her cute dress, on her tight fitting floral panties, and then on the bare bottom. Then mommy makes her ask for the hairbrush and makes he say that she deserves it since she is such a naughty girl. Mommy spanks Ava's already sore red bottom with the Mason Pearson hairbrush. After mommy disciplines her naughty daughter, she is sent to her room to wait for her father. JOIN FOR MORE

Punishment for Angel

Angel is in big trouble with mom, she was caught smoking. She waits in her room in her cute PJs for momma to come in. She sits there in fear knowing she is going to be spanked and she knowing she deserves it. Mom comes in and within minutes her daughter is over her lap for a very hard spanking. Mom lectures and scolds Angel on why smoking is bad. She is only spanking her because she loves her and cares about her. See a very hard and very real spanking between Angel and Tasha Lee. JOIN FOR MORE

Adriana's Attitude Adjustment

Adriana has been nothing but a sassy little brat to her mom and mommy is pissed off. Adriana is to be taught a lesson over strict mom's knee with a spanking on her PJ shorts, then on her bare bottom. When the sassy back talk still continues, mommy makes her ask for the hairbrush. It is only then when the hard wooden hairbrush is coming down on poor Adriana's bottom that she is promising she will never have a bad attitude with mom again. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked Before School

Introducing new top, Samantha in this traditional mommy daughter film. Sarah doesn't want to go to school as she didn't study for her test. Mommy takes her temperature rectally (how humiliating!) as she says this is the most accurate way. Sarah is lying, she has no fever and mommy is very upset. She takes her naughty daughter over her knee for a spanking over her PJs, then on the bare bottom with her hand and hairbrush. Then she puts her on all fours for the slipper. Sarah is humiliated, and one sorry little girl. I don't think she will be lying to mommy again. JOIN FOR MORE

Slacking Daughter

In this old fashioned style film, Harley has been neglecting her responsibilities to her horse. She must brush, feed, and clean his stall every day. Momma find that again she has not done this chore and confronts a bratty daughter. Momma takes Harley over her knee for a spanking on her bare bottom with hand and hairbrush. Harley is soon contrite and promising to do all her chores. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Rachel

Rachel is acting like a little brat. Mommy specifically told her not to go on the boat without an adult and Rachel decides to do it anyways. When mom finds her out there, she throws a tantrum and has to be dragged off the boat, inside, and right over mom's knee for the punishment she deserves. Mommy gives her naughty daughter a hard spanking, then makes her change into her PJs for the hairbrush. Rachel is a sorry little girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Isobel

Mommy is very very angry with Isobel, but she waits until they are at the hotel and she is more calm to deal with her. She scolds Isobel and tells her how upset and disappointed she is in her and how she knows she deserves a spanking. Isobel knows that destroying the house with her friends which led to the insurance company having to put them up in a hotel while they did repairs was a very bad thing. She feels awful about what she did and that she really upset her mom. She takes her punishment like a good girl even though it is so embarrassing and it stings her bottom terribly. Mommy doesn't stop spanking her naughty girl until her bottom is bright red. JOIN FOR MORE
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