This is What Naughty Girls Get

Ella has been such a naughty girl. Mommy has sent her to a special Academy for girls who need more correction, but Ella has been sent back home since she continues to break rules, smoke, and use foul language while away. Mommy is very upset and gives her naughty girl a much needed over the knee bare bottom spanking. Ella is told to wear her uniform to further make the point that she misbehaved at the Academy. After Ella is hand spanked, she is given the Mason & Pearson hairbrush which stings terribly and has her kicking her legs. When her spanking is over, her naughty mouth needs to be cleaned out with soap for all the smoking and the foul words. Ella is one sorry and contrite young lady by the time Mommy is done with this disciplinary correction. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Pole Dancing Slut

We are very excited to introduce two new faces to our websites; Mistress Scarlet and Bella. In this sexy spanking film, Bella has been stripping for work and decided to buy a stripper pole for the house. She has it set up to practice as she thinks that mom is planning to be out all day. Bella is engrossed in her dance routines and oblivious to her shocked and very angry mommy entering the room, aghast at the sight of her naked girl slithering provocatively down the pole. After a stern telling-off, mommy has Bella stick out her bottom just like she does for all the men she dances for. If Bella is going to act like a little slut, then she will be spanked like a slut with her bared, exposed cheeks and legs spread. She is embarrassed but does as mommy says. Shameful Bella is spanked and given the Family Strap across her sore reddening bottom, all the while totally spread like the little slut she is. She will think twice about the choices she makes whilst under the parental roof! JOIN FOR MORE

Bullying Has Consequences

Alex has been bullying her friends at school and mom is not going to tolerate that kind of behavior. She takes her naughty girl over the lap for a hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush. Alex kicks and squirms in pain but Mommy is prepared to teach her girl a lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Angelica's Old Fashioned Spanking

Angelica has been a very naughty girl to the staff of the house and mommy has had enough. After a good scolding, she is taken across the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. She is spanked over her dress, then on her cotton bloomers before they come down for a painful spanking on her bare, exposed bottom. Mommy uses her hand followed by the hard, mean Mason & Pearson hairbrush to teach the naughty brat a lesson that rudeness has consequences. Her punishment only ends with 10 hard swats with the carpet beater. Angelica is left alone to rub and soothe her sore, red bottom better. JOIN FOR MORE

When Will Kiki Learn

Kiki was supposed to go to bed but instead, she is just playing in the living room with her stuffies. Mommy is very upset with her naughty girl. Kiki continues to defy her saying she doesn't want to go to bed. However, she will soon wish she had gone to bed on time after she is about to be given a good hard spanking. The naughty girl goes over the maternal lap for a hard lesson which Kiki will learn. She is spanked with mom's mean hand followed by the stinging wooden hairbrush across her bare bottom. Kiki kicks and squeals in pain as the wood strikes her cheeks again and again without mercy. Now Kiki finally learns that if she doesn't go to bed when told to... there are very real consequences for her behavior ending with a very hot sore bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanking the Brat out of Sarah

Sarah has been a royal brat in the extreme. Her phone alarm keeps going off and just because it is a Saturday it doesn't mean that she can stay in bed all day. Mom wants her up and out of bed to help with some things around the house. After the third time of snoozing her alarm, mom comes in with a different kind of alarm that is sure to get Sarah's attention; A spanking. Sarah is quickly taken across mom's lap for a very hard hand spanking. However, she continues to be bratty and talks back continually until mom switches to the hairbrush. If she won't learn her lesson then it will have to be the old-fashioned way with an added humiliating twist. That starts with having Sarah fetch the brush and ask mommy to use it on her bare behind. Oh... the utter embarrassment of it all. Now Sarah is finally contrite and sorry since her bottom is really hurting a lot. Sarah is spanked long and hard with the dreaded implement until she is a truly very sorry and sore young lady ready to help with the household chores. JOIN FOR MORE

Ella Earns Her Spanking Badge

Ella has been very rude and disrespectful at Girl Scouts and her mom has had enough of her behavior. Just because her mom is the troupe leader doesn't mean Ella gets preferential treatment. She has been rude to the other scouts as well as many of the other parents. After a stern talking to, it is right over mommy's lap for a well-deserved spanking. Perhaps Ella should be earning her spanking badge if this is how she continues to behave in the future. She gets spanked with mom's mean hand and a wicked leather paddle until her bottom is very sore and red. Ella is one very sorry-looking young lady who promises to do better in the future. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Violet Punished

Violet is having a very nice time playing with her naughty bits when an angry mommy catches her in the act. This is a God-fearing Christian home and Violet has been taught that touching oneself in this way is a sin. After a stern scolding, she is taken over mommy’s lap for a hard hand spanking. It is explained to her that this is never to happen again and if she has these sinful thoughts, she must pray for God to take them away. The spanking continues but now with the hairbrush to ensure she learns this lesson. Violet is told to kneel down and pray for forgiveness with mommy after her punishment before she is tucked into bed with a very sore red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Never Ever Again

Mom is shocked and angry to find her girl half-naked with a strange man in a hotel room. She walks in on them about to do the dirty and immediately orders him to sit aside and watch the "show." It's not the show he thinks as this includes punishment for naughty, slutty Gena. She is taken right over the maternal lap for a much-needed disciplinary spanking right in front of her John. She has no protection from Mom's hard hand since she is wearing a very slutty thong. As ridiculous as it looks, the slutty thong is taken down too, adding further humiliation for Gena. After all... she was planning to take it off anyway, right? The spanking continues with a stinging hairbrush which causes Gena to squirm and struggle as her bottom turns a painful red as she promises to be good and never, ever do this wickedness again. JOIN FOR MORE

Getting Just What She Wanted

Helen has an unusual curiosity for spanking after she spends the afternoon with one of her good friends and witnesses it taking place. Helen is well aware that her other friend down the road gets spanked by her mom when she misbehaves. Intrigued... Helen plans to test her mom's limits to see just what kind of behavior would warrant a spanking. Her mom cannot fathom why anyone would want to be spanked and she has never had to spank Helen before. So she continues to test and push the limits until she gets the required reaction by pouring a glass of water onto the carpet from her glass... this is the final straw. If Helen wants to be spanked then that is precisely what will happen. Helen is taken across mommy's lap and is given just what she wanted and it isn't as nice as she thought it would be... not liking it at all! Mom spanks her hard on the bare bottom to teach the sassy brat a real lesson. It's something Helen learns very quickly and she won't be deliberately naughty to get herself spanked again anytime soon. JOIN FOR MORE
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