Essie Spanked Afterschool

Mommy is very disappointed with her daughter, Essie. She had taken a look at her schoolwork and found that Essie had drawn very rude photos of her teacher and doodled all over her expensive textbook. After confronting the naughty girl with a good telling off for such childish behavior she does the only thing that seems to teach her a lesson: A good old-fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking! Essie is spanked hard by Mommy's hand across the maternal lap as her well-rounded buttocks provide an easy target especially when the dreaded Mason & Pearson hairbrush is used ensuring her bottom is red and sore. She is sent to get ready for an early bedtime rubbing her burning, swollen cheeks. JOIN FOR MORE

Spanked for Short Shorts

We are excited to welcome Lily Thot... another fabulous new girl to our group of websites. Lily has been sent home from school for wearing very inappropriate shorts which are far too slutty for school, of course. Mom is extremely upset seeing her in them upon return home. She scolds her naughty daughter before taking her over the maternal lap for a mean hand spanking over those short shorts, to make sure that the reddening marks show down below the short line for added embarrassment. Then she is told to take her shorts down but reveals that she isn't wearing any panties. Mom is even more upset and this only makes the spanking punishment harder. Finally, she is spanked with the hairbrush across her bare bottom to ensure that a proper lesson is learned. JOIN FOR MORE

Gigi Spanked and Strapped

We are very excited to welcome Gigi to our websites. In this film, Gigi is supposed to be doing her homework in her bedroom. She has been grounded for misbehaving and instead of doing as she was told, she is watching a movie on her phone with earbuds in so Mom won't hear. A very angry mom comes in and confronts her naughty girl about this. Gigi has no explanation so this already punished girl is to receive another hard hand spanking over the maternal lap, panties down, fully shamed. She receives a leather strapping on her bare buttocks over the desk for her continued poor behavior. Now she will have to do her homework sitting uncomfortably on a sore, throbbing, freshly punished bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Ash Spanked at Bedtime

Mommy is very disappointed with her precious girl as she has noticed money missing from her purse. When confronted, Ash finally admits that she took it to buy cigarettes. This is very naughty behavior and is told that it will be dealt with before bedtime. Ash knows that when she is called downstairs, she will be punished... and punished severely. Bedtime approaches... the call is made and Ash feels the dread of walking slowly down the stairs, one step closer each time to her deserved spanking. Another scolding is given by Mommy before she is spanked over her pajamas, and... of course on the bare bottom by Mommy's mean hand. As her cheeks turn red, the final part of the punishment is with a Mason & Pearson hairbrush, delivered without mercy across the thieving girl's sore backside. The walk of shame back up the stairs is watched by Mommy as Ash is sent to bed with a sore, aching bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Disruptive Raven Disciplined

Mom is relaxing and doing her daily yoga exercises. Raven decides that she is going to keep interrupting mom since she wants to go and get a ride to the mall. After checking multiple times, Mom becomes upset telling the naughty girl that if she continues to disrupt her precious yoga time, she will get into huge trouble. Raven continues to have an attitude of not taking her seriously until one disruption too many! After a stern scolding, she goes right over the maternal lap for a hard-hand spanking. She is then told to ask Mommy to spank her with the wooden bathbrush. Raven's bare bottom, already sore from the hand spanking, receives excruciating swats with the horrible wooden brush until Mom knows her girl has learned a painful lesson. Finally, for added humiliation, Raven is told to stand and reflect on her selfish behavior, bare bottom on full display, while Mom continues with her yoga exercises. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Little Angelica

Breakfast is ready and Angelica is nowhere to be found. She is in her bedroom eating a cereal bar instead. She has been warned not to eat in bed but decided to break the rules anyway. Mommy comes in and is very upset with her naughty girl for being so disobedient by not coming downstairs when asked to. After scolding her, she takes the naughty little girl over her lap for a deserved spanking. Angelica is spanked over her PJs, then on the bare, exposed bottom with the firm maternal hand. Next, she is told to ask Mommy to spank her with the hairbrush and Angelica finds this so embarrassing! The sore buttocks glow red with shame from the hard brush spanking and Mommy leaves her to rub her aching bottom better before getting ready to come downstairs. JOIN FOR MORE

Hairbrush Spanking and Strapping for Sarah

In this custom spanking film, Sarah is in trouble with her mom for doing poorly on a school exam. It is very embarrassing for mom since she was a teacher herself and this reflects badly on the family name. Sarah is told to stand in the corner and wait for mom. She arrives, then asks Sarah to put the Spanking Chair in the center of the room. Sitting on the chair, poor Sarah's leggings are pulled down before being told to fetch the hairbrush. She takes her naughty girl over the stern maternal lap for a hard spanking with the brush. Sarah is given firm swats with the implement with the first 12 over her panties and the remaining 36 across the bare bottom. The naughty girl is stood back in the corner while Mommy goes to find the leather strap. Sarah is strapped on her hands for doing so poorly on the test followed by a mean strapping on her sore bare bottom. After her punishment is over, she is told to stand in the corner with a bar of soap in her mouth for the poor excuses and lies about why she didn't have time to study for her test. JOIN FOR MORE

Blaire's Bedtime Spanking

Blaire has been spanked earlier in the day by dad for being rude, disrespectful and not doing chores. A spanking in the day always means a spanking at bedtime. Now it is Stepmom's turn to take this naughty brat over her lap. It isn't just going to be a hand spanking though. A hairbrush always teaches a much better lesson. Blaire is scared and waiting as she knows what is about to happen. After a good scolding she is taken over the lap for the dreaded punishment. She is spanked over her pajamas, panties, and of course on the bare bottom with stepmommy's stinging hand and hairbrush. JOIN FOR MORE

Stepsisters Spanked Together

Sarah and her stepsister, Bella, wanted to have a fun afternoon out in London doing some sightseeing. They decide it would be far more fun to sneak onto the train without paying. Little do they know that the London Transport Authority has notified Mommy of both girls' naughty behavior. Upon returning home, they are not honest, pretending that they had a great day and didn't get into any trouble at all. Mommy knows they are lying and tells them about the embarrassing phone call and that they will be soundly punished for the blatant lies and bad behavior. They are each spanked over their panties and then on the bare bottom. Sarah is first taken over the maternal lap, as Bella watches with nervous trepidation. It is doubly humiliating for them as they can see and hear the spankings, and know exactly how the other miscreant feels! However, the punishment only finishes when they are both given 10 hard strokes of the "Family Strap" bent over the couch with cheeks bared and exposed for the dreaded leather implement. Afterward, their heads bowed in shame, they are told to stand in the corner with their red, sore bottoms on full display. JOIN FOR MORE

Delta Disciplined by Mom

Delta was supposed to be babysitting her younger sister but instead, she put her in front of the TV and turned on the cartoon channel to keep her occupied. That was so she could invite her boyfriend over, which was strictly against mom's rules. Upon her return, Mom questions Delta how the babysitting went and Delta flat out lies to her face. Mom tells her that she knows Delta is lying and that will only make her spanking worse if she continues. Delta is taken across mommy's lap for a hard spanking with the maternal hand on her bare buttocks. The poor girl's round booty bounces and turns red but worse is to come... The promised hairbrush spanking for continually lying means her already sore bottom gets whacked with the wooden implement until her cheeks are swollen and sore. She is left to rub her bottom better and think about her selfish behavior. JOIN FOR MORE
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