Lazy Helen Spanked

Helen has been lying in bed most days until noon. She isn't keeping up with her chores and mom has had enough of this nonsense. She gets her lazy girl out of bed and tells her off. Helen rolls her eyes and isn't taking any of it seriously. This infuriates mom, who knows that Helen needs is a damn good spanking, something she should have given this brat a long time ago. Mom takes her naughty lazy girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking, pajama bottoms and panties pulled down, which humiliates Helen but worse is to come. She then has Helen fetch the hairbrush next to the bed and ask for it to be used across her bared buttocks. This is so embarrassing to have to stand, bare from the waist down, and ask Mommy to spank her with the hairbrush. It's a mean, stinging implement that has the lazy girl yelping and wriggling over the maternal lap as the spanking punishment intensifies. Helen is left to rub her sore red bottom and think about how she will improve her behavior around the house. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Friends Spanked by Mom

Cherry and Elori are having a sleepover and have decided to sneak out. Returning home at 4am they are confronted by Elori's angry mom who has been waiting up for them. The two naughty girls come strolling in wearing very short dresses and high stiletto heels. They are very argumentative with mom and insist that they are not dressed like sluts. Mommy is not having any more back talk and decides to take the naughty girls, one at a time, over her lap starting with her girl, Elori. When she raises her daughter's skirt she is shocked to find no panties... How dare she not wear them! This shocks and upsets mom, even more, making her spank her girl long and hard until her bottom is a deep shade of crimson. Next, it is Cherry's turn to go over the knee for a hand spanking. She is not wearing panties and receives an even harder spanking for this. After their bottoms are very red the girls are each bent over and given a hard leather strapping with the "Family Strap" which stings on their already sore bottoms. Afterward, they are stood together, in time out, to think about their horrid ways before being sent to bed. JOIN FOR MORE

Class Clown Punished

Riley has got herself into serious trouble at school for being the class clown once more... saying rude things about her teacher to get a cheap laugh. When her stepmother learns of this behavior she is very upset. She waits for Riley to come home and then asks her what happened at school. Riley is economical with the embarrassing truth but her stepmommy already knows the shameful facts and plans to add something special to the impending punishment. A spanking at school always means a spanking at home. Riley is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking over her panties and then on the bare bottom. To really drive the point home, the dreaded hairbrush is taken to Riley's already sore, aching bottom making the poor girl squirm and wriggle as the stinging implement does its job. After her spanking, she is taken to the bathroom and told the additional part of this punishment is a well-deserved mouth soaping for speaking rudely about her teacher. Riley's mouth is a frothy sudsy mess by the time the soaping punishment is finished, she is one very sorry-looking young lady who knows there are very real consequences for clowning around at school. JOIN FOR MORE

Thieving Hands Spanked Bottom

Sarah and Momma Dana are on vacation in Vegas and Sarah decided to help herself to Momma's debit card. She maxes it out and then tries to lie about it. That only makes things worse for her. Of course, she knows what the punishment is and it is always a spanking when she misbehaves. After a long stern scolding, she is taken over Momma's lap for a hard mean hand spanking. It isn't long before the panties come down and Sarah's poor bottom is turning a deep shade of crimson. Next, Momma takes the leather paddle to Sarah's aching behind which only makes her squirm and kick more. The end of this punishment leaves Sarah as a sad sorry girl who certainly won't be stealing from Momma again! JOIN FOR MORE

Not Good Enough

Mommy is beyond disappointed in her daughter Willow. A lot of money is spent to send her to the best private school and she has done poorly in all her classes. Willow is simply not trying hard enough and that is just not good enough for mommy. She is scolded firmly and told how disappointed both mommy and daddy are in her. The stern words hurt almost as much as the hard spanking. Mommy spanks her naughty girl with hand, paddle and hairbrush until her bottom is a deep burning crimson. Willow is sent to bed a sobbing mess to think about her wayward ways. JOIN FOR MORE

Elori and Casey's Afterschool Punishment

Naughty sisters, Elori and Casey, have been sent home from school after getting into trouble. Mom already knows why but she wants to hear it from their own mouths... as it is more humiliating that way. Understandably, the girls both lie at first... but eventually the truth comes out; When the teacher had left the room, they were drawing crude images of male genitalia on the blackboard... then simulating how to perform certain sex acts. Mom is horrified that her daughters could do such things. They are each spanked with her hard hand across the maternal lap and then given a further stinging hairbrush spanking until their bottoms are an angry pink color. Elori uses very foul language during her spanking, so this of course means a frightful mouth-soaping punishment for the uppity miscreant. Mommy will not have her girls using such dirty words in her presence. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Anastasia Spanked

Anastasia is attempting to sneak out of the house to a party wearing a rather slutty dress. Mom is in the living room and stops her, questioning where she is going dressed in such lewd clothing. Anastasia admits she is going to a party so Mom is understandably upset, telling her girl to sit down whilst receiving a stern scolding. Then she takes the slutty brat over her lap for a deserved punishment. Anastasia is spanked over her dress, at first, then when Mom raises the scanty hemline she sees that there are no panties which infuriate her even more. The hand spanking will continue right on the bare bottom until it is a deep shade of shameful crimson. When Anastasia still doesn't seem to be learning a proper lesson by kicking her legs wildly, she is put into a leg lock to stop that nonsense. Then Mom gives her a mean hairbrush spanking until she is a very sad and sorry girl. Before being sent off for an unexpected early bedtime, Anastasia is told to strip out of that disgusting slutty dress as it is going to be burned and disposed of! JOIN FOR MORE

Good Girls Don't Cheat

Ella has already been spanked and caned at school for cheating. Mommy is not happy with her at all... and, as Ella knows only too well, "A spanking at school means a spanking at home". That evening before Ella's early bedtime (part of her punishment), Mommy takes her naughty girl over the strong maternal lap for another hard hand spanking on her already sore, swollen bottom. Ella is spanked over her pajamas, but these offer far too much protection and they are pulled down revealing crisp white cotton panties which also inevitably come down revealing a gloriously red, glowing pair of cheeks. Before the end of her spanking, Ella receives a furious flurry of smacks from Mommy's strong hand which has her gasping out in real surprise! "This hurts just as much as any caning..." she thought, and that was the point of a further spanking "at home". She is left to caress and soothe her ruddy, bared, cheeks before being tucked in for an early night no doubt spent sleeping on her tummy. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Stepdaughter Sophia

Sophia has been in trouble once again at school... Stepmom will not tolerate this type of behavior, especially from her husband's precious bratty daughter. If Sophia is to live under the same roof, then she will have to learn to behave like a proper young lady. After a stern telling-off, naughty Sophia is taken over the maternal lap for a well overdue, good old-fashioned spanking. First, she is spanked by hand across her bare bottom and then with the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Sophia cries out in pain from the stinging implement and uses foul language when it becomes too much to bear. This triggers further punishment as she is dragged off to the bathroom by the ear for her first-ever frothy, sudsy mouth soaping. With repeated washing and drooling, her nasty kisser is cleansed of the filthy language it emitted earlier. This is one double punishment Sophia won't forget anytime soon! JOIN FOR MORE

No Excuse for Poor Excuses

Sarah has stayed out way past curfew. She has excuse after excuse but mom and dad are not buying it. After Sarah continues to lie about where she was and why she was out do late she is given a much deserved punishment. First, mommy give her naughty girl a spanking, then is it daddy's turn. Sarah is also given the family strap. She is left rubbing her sore red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE
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