Sarah's Week with Mommy: The Second Spanking

Last month I spent a whole two weeks with Mommy in Toronto. We decided to film a short series of films inviting you, the viewer, into our everyday lives. I always try to be a good girl and follow all of the rules, but sometimes I make mistakes and of course, I am punished for them. There are three spankings in this series and then a final reward which will be shown on

In the second scene, Mommy confronts me about how I behaved at dinner with the guests. I was on my phone and that was very rude. After talking to me about why this is unacceptable, she had me pull down my leggings so she could start the spanking over my panties. I am already sore from the spanking she gave me the day before but that doesn't bother her, a punishment is a punishment after-all. After turning my bottom a nice shade of red, she uses the thick reformatory strap on me. She has never used this strap before and it is much thicker and hurts more. After I am sufficiently punished she leaves me still bent over to think about things while she goes to prepare supper. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Helen

Helen has been a very naughty girl. She has taken up topiary and decided to carve rude body parts into the neighbor's bush. Mommy is very upset and now has to deal with her naughty brat the old-fashioned way. She takes Helen over her knee for a well-deserved spanking across her bare buttocks followed by a no-nonsense leather strapping until her cheeks are glowing red with shame. She is one very sorry-looking young lady who is taught a valuable lesson in manners and neighborly conduct. JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Week with Mommy: The First Spanking

Last month I spent a whole two weeks with Mommy in Toronto. We decided to film a short series of films inviting you, the viewer, into our everyday lives. I always try to be a good girl and follow all of the rules, but sometimes I make mistakes and of course, I am punished for them. There are three spankings in this series and then a final reward which will be shown on

In the first scene, Mommy decides that the spanking she gave me the night before at the BDSM club wasn't enough of a punishment... so she wants to further punish my already sore bottom. You see, I wandered off and she didn't know where I was. I did come back, but as her submissive, I am not allowed to just leave and not let her know where I was. She also isn't happy that it is 4 PM and I am still in my pajamas. So, I am dealt with on my already bruised bottom for these two offenses with Mommy's hand over her lap. Then she uses a leather strap in the same position before I am placed over the sofa to be strapped with my bottom invitingly stuck out. Finally, I receive further strokes with the cane to ensure my bottom is properly sore and punished. She comforts me afterward cuddling me with loving words of encouragement. JOIN FOR MORE

Lola Chooses a Spanking

Lola and her mother (Sarah) are on vacation and they have been out and about with Sarah's good friends. Lola has acted extremely rude, and immaturely... totally embarrassing her mom. So Lola has been given a choice; That is she should clean up her attitude, start behaving properly, and apologize to her friends. It's that or the alternative is to be sent back to America in shame on the first flight out the next day. Lola chooses the spanking punishment as she doesn't want to go home. Her bare bottom is spanked over the imposing maternal lap of Sarah as her firm hand quickly reddens the naughty girl's behind. Lola is one very sorry and sore girl who will behave like a proper young lady from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Thieving Sarah Spanked and Strapped

Sarah has been a very naughty girl. Mommy had to go and pick her up from the police station for stealing lipstick. This behavior is crazy as Sarah has never done such a thing before but claims her friends put her up to it. Mom is very upset and plans to punish her naughty miscreant of a daughter. Sarah is spanked over the maternal lap, losing the dignity of being clothed as her jeans are removed to ensure her bare buttocks are reddened in shame. She is then strapped standing up in front of the mantle with her bottom stuck out invitingly for Mommy's mean leather implement. Finally, her little thieving hands are also strapped to teach the naughty daughter a proper lesson. Sarah won't be stealing again! JOIN FOR MORE

Kajira's Second Spanking

In Cheerleader Spankings from the film, "No Cheer for No Panties" - Kajira was spanked by the coach alongside her friend, Lily Swan, for not wearing panties at cheer practice. They were then both thoroughly spanked by Mommy Katherine, but that wasn't enough. Another spanking that evening was promised to naughty Kajira and that is precisely what she gets as you will see in this film. Kajira is taken over the maternal lap for a second spanking of the day on her already sore aching red bottom with Mommy's mean hand. To ensure the lesson is properly learned, Kajira is told to give Mommy the hairbrush (on the nightstand) that is waiting for her poor bottom. The hairbrush spanking really gets the message through to this yelping young lady who is put to bed with a throbbing sore red bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Kiki Caught Masturbating

Kiki has been an extremely naughty girl and Mommy is very upset. Mommy just went to her own bedroom and caught her girl splayed out on the bed, legs wide using a vibrator... but of course, what made it worse was that this was happening in HER bedroom! Kiki explains that she had to use mom's room as hers is a complete mess. This only infuriates Mommy more with her girl's brazen behavior. After a good telling-off, she takes the naughty naked madam over her lap for a long overdue spanking to teach Kiki not to be such a slovenly slut at home! JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Rachel Spanked by Mom

Rachel has been out all night and Mommy is worried sick. She tries to sneak in... dressed in a very slutty dress and high heels. Unfortunately for Rachel, Mommy is sitting on the couch waiting for her, hairbrush in hand. Rachel tries to lie her way out of this embarrassing moment of being caught sneaking back but there is nothing she can say or do that will de-escalate the situation. Mommy takes her naughty little slut of a girl over her lap for a spanking. Rachel is spanked hard by Mommy's stinging hand and then by the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Tears drip from her face as she apologizes and promises she will be a good girl from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Alora Disciplined by Mommy

Alora has been a very naughty girl and has taken Mommy's high heels without asking. Not only did she borrow them without permission but she treated them with disrespect. Mommy was livid to find her new heels thrown on the floor under Alora's bed when she was looking for them to wear later that evening. Alora tries to brush it off as if it were no big deal but that only upsets Mommy more. After a stern scolding, she is given the punishment she so richly deserves. She is placed onto the stern maternal lap and given a hard spanking over her panties and soon after on her bare bottom. A spanking is not the only punishment that is needed to teach this naughty girl a lesson. Her thieving hands are to be rulered and her feet which wore her mother's heels would be caned... and caned hard. Alora cries in pain as the thin stinging rattan rod of correction harshly caresses the soles of her vulnerable, delicate bare feet. Alora is sent away to think about her actions and she tip-toes away in shame as her feet ache in agony along with her stinging reminder of the punishment of her hands and a sore bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Raven's Bedtime Spanking

Raven has been very rude and disrespectful and Mom has had it with this awful behavior. The naughty miscreant had been told earlier that by this evening she would get a very hard bedtime spanking... and had better be in her room waiting for it! This is where the film starts as we witness nervous Raven awaiting her much-deserved punishment. Mommy arrives brandishing the hairbrush and after a stern scolding, takes the naughty girl right over the full maternal lap for a mean, hard, hand spanking. Then she is told to present and ask for the hairbrush spanking part of her punishment and Raven feels even more humiliated doing this but all thoughts of this disappear as the implement swiftly brings retribution to her sore, rounded cheeks. Afterward, Raven is one very sorry and sad little girl as she is left to contemplate this bedtime discipline... making a promise to try and behave from now on. JOIN FOR MORE
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