Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory; Momma and Babygirl. These two have what is called a "scene relationship" as mother/daughter. Also, in real life, Dana has described Sarah as "the daughter she has always wanted." Dana loves Sarah as she would love a daughter which means she also loves her enough to discipline her when needed. They also have fun making fantasy videos with different role play scenes that sometimes involve guest models as well. On this website you can watch videos that include real punishments as well as fun mommy/daughter role plays. Updated 3 times a week with videos and/or photo galleries. New addition to the site are other mommy/daughter themed videos with Sarah playing "mommy" along with other scene celebs playing her mom.


Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory

I am Sarah Gregory. Welcome to my second spanking members site. I am a spanking/fetish model. I have been modeling for about 6 years now and have been featured on many of today's hottest spanking websites. I also do a lot of bondage, glam, and lingerie modeling with established photographers. I have had a spanking fetish since as long as I can remember. My favorite spankings are traditional domestic disciplinary related themes as well as sensual spankings with other women. To have my own spanking sites has been a dream that is finally a reality. See also, www.sarahgregoryspanking.com.

Dana Specht

Dana Specht

Dana "Momma" Specht is one of today's most well known professional disciplinarians. She is very skilled in her spanking technique. She also knows how to give a good long scolding. Playing the role of mommy, aunt, teacher, and boss are some of her favorites. SO, the role of Sarah's Mommy comes quite naturally. You can see her passion and enjoyment with spanking in any of her videos. Her video website is www.danaspecht.com


Disobedient Daughter

Mommy has told Isobel 4 times that she needs to be in bed sleeping but naughty Isobel isn't listening. Instead she is up playing with her toys. A good over the knee spanking from mommy will teach this disobedient girl to listen from now on. Isobel is taken over the knee and spanked over her Pajamas, panties, and then on the bare bottom until her bottom is burning red! JOIN FOR MORE

Mean Girls Get Spanked

Mommy is very disappointed in her little girl when she finds out that Sarah has been mean to her fellow students at school and to her teachers. After scolding her, mommy takes Sarah over her lap to teach her a lesson about being mean. She spanks her over her cute pajamas, then on her snug fitting cotton panties, and ends with the dreaded bare bottom spanking. Sarah cries out in pain but Mommy is determined to teach this naughty girl a lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Aysel

Aysel has been told to get ready for bed and she is instead playing with her stuffed bears. When mom comes in to check on her, she is rude and disobedient. This only earns her a scolding and a trip over a very upset mommy's lap for a spanking. JOIN FOR MORE

Stevie Spanked by Mom

Mom is very upset with her daughter, Stevie. There is $20 missing from her handbag and Stevie is lying to her face. She knows Stevie stole it and is going to teach this lying brat a lesson she won't ever forget about stealing and lying to mommy. She takes Stevie over her knee for a very hard hand spanking, this for stealing. She then makes Stevie ask for the hairbrush, this she will get for lying. As mom's arm goes up and brings down the wooden hairbrush hard, Stevie begs and promises to be a good girl from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Naughty Violet

Violet has been a very very naughty girl. She has been masturbating when she knows she is not supposed to be doing such vulgar things. Mommy walks in to tuck her precious daughter into bed and find the sight of her innocent daughter with her fingers in her vagina. After a quick scolding, she takes naughty violet over her maternal strong lap for the spanking this disobedient brat deserves. Violet's bottom turns a dark shade of pink as she squirms in pain. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy Spanks Luna

Mom has brought Luna to a work vacation to give her daughter a nice time out at a hotel. She is very upset to get a call from the manager of the hotel that her daughter has been kicked out of the pool for taking off her bikini top. She is mortified and tells the manager she will take care of this. When Luna comes back to the room and is confronted, she first lies, but that only will make things worse. Its right over the knee for a spanking from mommy that she will not forget. JOIN FOR MORE

Punished For Cheating

Mom is very disappointed when she finds a stack of school reports in Melody's room. She has been selling school reports to as she claims "help others cheat." Mom is so upset that her daughter is actually doing this. The daughter she raised to be honest and well behaved is cheating. Well, it's right over mom's lap for a very hard spanking over her white panties and then on the bare bottom. Lastly, she is given the hard wooden hairbrush relentlessly on her bare bottom until she is pleading with mommy and promising to be a good girl and not cheat anymore. JOIN FOR MORE

The Bathbrush for Stevie

Stevie is taking her jolly time in the bath and mom has asked her many times to get ready. Finally mom has had it and pulls lazy Stevie out of the tub and spanks her on her wet bottom with her hand and bath brush very hard until Stevie is begging for it to stop and promising to do as she is told from now on. JOIN FOR MORE

Mommy's Hairbrush for Harley

Harley has not listened to mommy. She has gone and taken out her costume for the school play and worn it to play in. Mommy catches her jumping on her bed in it. She was specifically told not to wear it before the play and she ignored that and did it anyways. Mommy is less than pleased and knows that the only way her naughty daughter will learn is with a swift hard hand and hairbrush spanking. Harley is taken over the knee and spanked soundly until she is a very sore and sorry little girl. JOIN FOR MORE

Strictmoor Academy Year 1 Scene Three

Scene 3 of this feature length film opens in the classroom. Miss Jackson (Dana Specht) and Ms. Cooper (Tasha Lee) each teach the class. There is no incident as all the students are on their toes since hearing about the rules and discipline of the school. None of them want to find themselves over either of the teacher's knee getting a bare bottom spanking. After classes, Sarah narrates a spanking she hears and witnesses from her bedroom. Jennifer, played by Bianca Rose, is Ms. Cooper's daughter. She is home on break and mom has been sent a letter about her misdoing's at school. Mom is less than pleased to say the least and plans to deal with this in the strict disciplinary way she knows best. Sarah listens to the scolding and then the spanking of poor Jennifer. The spanking continues until she is sore, red and promising never to be a naughty girl again. But this is not to be the last spanking Jennifer will receive.... JOIN FOR MORE
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