Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. See everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping, plus so much more. Sarah is in a real life relationship with Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bernadette and as many of you know, Dana Specht. A lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play. Sarah also enjoys playing "mommy" in some of the videos to some of the younger models who appear here. This site is Sarah’s true passion. There is nothing she enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure.

Bratty Sarah Spanked

Sarah is such an awful brat to her stepmother. She was asked to help with some simple chores over the weekend but prefers to stay in bed all day doing nothing letting others do the work.  Her Stepmom (Clrara) notices Sarah's absence and confronts her about the apparent laziness but the brat talks back with a huge attitude. Clara does not accept this kind of bratty attitude and teaches her stepdaughter a lesson, the old-fashioned way, with an over-the-knee hand spanking across the naughty girl's bare bottom. The rude and lazy behavior also earns Sarah a painful hairbrush spanking which gets the message through to the brat. Sarah's punishment continues until there are real apologies and promises to do as she is asked. JOIN FOR MORE

Ella The Brat

Ella is being such a spoiled little brat, rolling her eyes, and outright disrespecting her new stepmother, Jose. Jose will not have any of this behavior and after a good telling-off, she takes the naughty brat over her lap for some good old-fashioned discipline. Ella complains and continues to be rude until she is asked to remove her jeans. Suddenly the rude brat is "all apologies" with promises to be a good girl from now on, but stepmom doesn’t believe her as she knows Ella is only sorry she is being spanked. Jose continues to spank her harder and harder on her panties and then on the bare bottom. After Ella’s bottom is a burning crimson, the stepmother has her fetch the hairbrush and ask to be spanked with it. Ella is now a far more contrite and obedient young lady and does as she is told. She goes back over the maternal lap for a hard hairbrush spanking that stings and hurts even more than the mean, firm hand from before. She kicks and squeals but that doesn’t stop the spanking, it only continues until Stepmommy believes that Ella has learned a proper lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Stealing Scouts Spanked

Miss Bernadette waits patiently for her daughter Fae, and her friend Lyra, to return home from supposedly delivering the Girl Scout cookies to those who ordered and paid for them. However, this was not the case... she received multiple phone calls from the neighbors that the cookies were never delivered as promised. When she confronts the two ladies about it, they tell lie after lie. The truth finally comes out; The two lying madams had taken the money, bought the cookies, and given them to their friends. They had also helped themselves to the delicious cookies instead of delivering them to those who rightfully paid. The two lying girls are taken over Bernadette’s lap, one at a time, for a hard hand spanking. After their bottoms are bare, sore, and red they are told to stand up and bend over the couch, side by side. Miss Bernadette uses the mean-looking leather strap for each girl as they receive 20 strokes back and forth for the 20 boxes of cookies they had stolen. After the punishment is finished they are a sorry-looking pair, rubbing their sore aching bottoms in shame afterward. JOIN FOR MORE

Liars Never Prosper

Violet doesn’t want to go to school since it is the day of the big Mathematics test and she failed to study properly. She tells Mommy she is not well and needs to stay home. Unfortunately for Violet, Mommy says that a rectal thermometer is the most accurate way to know if there is a fever. Violet is embarrassed and reluctantly agrees hoping that her temperature is high enough to have her avoid going to school. She is told to lie on her stomach as Mommy pulls down Violet’s pajama bottoms and panties. The naughty girl must spread her bottom wide to stick the thermometer in her most private place! Violet is utterly humiliated as the thermometer sits inside her bottom with everything on display for her mother. Of course, Violet is healthy and she has been lying. Mother is upset and punishment with an old-fashioned spanking is the only way this miscreant will learn a proper lesson that, "liars never prosper". Violet is spanked right on the bare bottom and kicks and squirms as her cheeks turn a darker shade of crimson at the hands of her angry mother. After the hand spanking, Violet is told to fetch the hairbrush so Mommy can continue the punishment with a hard hairbrush smacking to her lying girl’s bare bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Misbehaving Cousins Spanked

Cousins Sarah and Matilda stayed out too late having fun and were told to return in time to go out to dinner with the family. They brush it off as no big deal when confronted by their mothers. After a stern serious scolding, each naughty young lady is taken over her own mother's lap for a hand spanking. After this, Sarah is made to go back over the lap of her aunt Iceni. Sarah is scared and embarrassed and protests, but her mother physically places her over Miss Inceni’s lap and pulls her panties down telling her off for pulling them back up. Sarah is given an even harder spanking with her aunt’s hand while her mom holds her legs down. Matilda is then taken over her aunt’s lap... with a leather paddling and a hairbrush spanking until she is very sorry. The punishments end with a mean hard leather paddling and hairbrush spanking for Sarah at the hands of her aunt bringing her to tears. Matilda continues to be bratty so she is taken over her aunt Bernadette’s lap simultaneously receiving more punishment. After they are sufficiently disciplined they are given hugs before being told to get ready for dinner... and all is forgiven! JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Bedtime Punishment

Sarah has been called into her Mistress’s bedroom before bed. She isn’t happy that Sarah has been rude, demanding, and having a bad attitude all day. She plans to deal with her naughty submissive before early bedtime so they can start afresh the next day. Sarah sits next to Mistress looking sorry for herself and unable to come up with any excuses for her bad behavior. She must accept the consequences of her punishment. After a stern scolding, she is taken across her Mistress’s lap for a deserved hand spanking. It stings when the skin is stretched and her sit spots are exposed getting spanked over and over until they are pink as her pajamas. Sarah is then bent over the bed for the next part of her punishment, a bare bottom strapping on her already sore throbbing bottom. After a thorough leather strapping, she is given 20 hard mean strokes of the cane which produce real tears of remorse and shame. Sarah is left alone to contemplate her bad behavior as she gently rubs her poor aching sore bottom better. JOIN FOR MORE

Defiant Dolly Disciplined

Mommy has bought Dolly a new dress for her date with a respectable boy. Dolly doesn't want to go on this date or wear the awful girly dress but Mommy says that she will... and there is to be no arguing about it. Dolly continues to pout and show defiance which only upsets Mommy more until she takes the naughty grouchy girl over her lap for a hard spanking. The brat struggles, squirms, and her legs kick out as she makes a fuss but that only makes the spanking more intense and harder. After the panties are pulled down, Mommy gets the hairbrush for the rest of Dolly's punishment. She spanks her naughty defiant girl hard with the stinging implement until Dolly apologizes and agrees to do as she is told. JOIN FOR MORE

Two Naughty Spanked Stepsisters

Sarah and Matilda have been spanked at school for attempting to skip classes. They forged a note from their mother saying they had to go to the dentist, but the principal knew they were lying. Matilda admitted it was her idea so she got the cane while her stepsister Sarah received a spanking. That evening, Mother tells them to put their nightgowns on and wait for an evening punishment. They know the rule that "a spanking at school means a spanking at bedtime" and that is precisely what they will get. Each deceitful madam is taken over the maternal lap for a hard hairbrush spanking on the bare bottom. For added humiliation, the naughty girls are placed on the bed, lying side by side, and given harder hairbrush spankings before being sent to their bedrooms with sore red burning bottoms. JOIN FOR MORE

Consequences for Andy

Mommy is very disappointed with Andy. She has been kicked out of her third private school for breaking rules. Initially, Andy isn't taking the latest expulsion very seriously when confronted about it, brushing it off as if it is nothing to be concerned about. No more private schools will accept her and her parents didn't want to send Andy to public school, but now this is the only option. After a stern scolding, Andy is in for the inevitable; A trip over the maternal lap for some good old-fashioned discipline. Mom wastes no time spanking over the shorts and pulls them down shortly after the spanking begins. After a hard bare bottom hand spanking it is time for something to teach her a real lesson... the dreaded wooden bathbrush. Mom spanks her girl hard with the heavy brush until her bottom is bruised and sore. In the end, Andy is one very sorry madam who has learned there are real consequences for her behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

Lying Lily Spanked by Stepmom

Lily told her stepmom she had been out with her friend Sarah, but this was a lie. She went out with the boy that she had been told many times she wasn't allowed to see anymore... and she continued to lie again and again about him. Stepmommy does not stand for any of this nonsense and takes the naughty girl over her lap for a well-deserved, hard hand spanking. The spanking continues over the naughty brat's bare behind before she is told to fetch the hairbrush and ask for it to be used across her already sore, smarting bottom. Finally, from the humiliating punishment, Lily admits she had been telling lies and promises to be better behaved and respectful n the future! JOIN FOR MORE
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