Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. See everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping, plus so much more. Sarah is in a real life relationship with Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bernadette and as many of you know, Dana Specht. A lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play. Sarah also enjoys playing "mommy" in some of the videos to some of the younger models who appear here. This site is Sarah’s true passion. There is nothing she enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure.

Lying Lily Spanked by Stepmom

Lily told her stepmom she had been out with her friend Sarah, but this was a lie. She went out with the boy that she had been told many times she wasn't allowed to see anymore... and she continued to lie again and again about him. Stepmommy does not stand for any of this nonsense and takes the naughty girl over her lap for a well-deserved, hard hand spanking. The spanking continues over the naughty brat's bare behind before she is told to fetch the hairbrush and ask for it to be used across her already sore, smarting bottom. Finally, from the humiliating punishment, Lily admits she had been telling lies and promises to be better behaved and respectful n the future! JOIN FOR MORE

Smitten's Hard Lesson

Smitten has been attending a new private school but unfortunately, she has been rude to many of the teachers with an overall bad attitude. Headmistress Matthews was so concerned that she decided to visit Smitten's home, in person, to discuss these issues with her mom (Miss Bernadette). After informing Bernadette about the problems at school with her girl, both ladies deal with this issue the old-fashioned way. Bernadette explains that this is a spanking household... so that is how discipline is dealt with. Bernadette takes her daughter over the lap giving her a hard hand spanking before passing her over to Headmistress to do the same. It was already noted that Miss Matthews had brought the school's leather strap with her. Now she shows Bernadette how to give a sound strapping to poorly behaved miscreants. She also recommends that one be purchased and used at home when possible. Smitten is given 12 hard swats with the strap before being passed to her mother who also dishes out a further dozen with the strap. A sorry-looking Smitten learns that she will be taught a painful lesson at school and home from now on if she continues to behave in such an appalling manner! JOIN FOR MORE

Sassy Slutty Sarah Spanked

Sarah is all set to go to the mall but Mom wants her to wear far more respectable clothing. Sarah is unhappy and insists that what she is wearing is perfectly normal to go out in. However, a short skirt, and showing off her midriff, is not something that Mommy is okay with. Sarah continues to argue and won't do as she is told. After a long scolding, the naughty brat is taken over the maternal lap for a hard hand spanking over her tight panties. She is then told to stand up and take off her ridiculous slutty clothes. Sarah is taken back over Mommy's lap and spanked on her bare bottom until her cheeks are a shameful, burning red. By the end, the sorry-looking young madam agrees to wear clothing that her Mommy would approve of if she wants to leave the house alone! JOIN FOR MORE

Caught Camming By Mom

Mommy told Willow to get a job if she was going to stay at home after she graduated from college. Willow decides that being a cam girl would be the best job to make some quick cash. She waits until the family is out and sets up the laptop in the beautiful living room. Just as she is getting started with her raunchy show, Mom comes back earlier than expected as she has left her phone behind. Willow's Mom is shocked at what she sees and the naughty girl tries to lie her way out of this compromising situation but it is difficult being dressed in a fishnet dress and stripper heels. Mom knows what's up and Willow is feeling so embarrassed and humiliated and also knows that she will have to find another more mundane job. Willow is swiftly taken over Mommy's lap for a hard hand spanking that has the lewd brat yelping. The fishnet dress and thong don't offer much protection for her bared cheeks as they start to turn a shameful dark red! With the nasty thong pulled down, Willow feels even more embarrassed as she is bent over the couch for a series of hard, mean licks of the Family Strap to teach this hussy a meaningful lesson! JOIN FOR MORE

Bikini Bottom Spanking

Jess has brought shame to the family by wearing such a skimpy bikini to the pool. This is the "thanks" her mother gets for paying out for this special holiday together. After a no-nonsense scolding, no time is wasted taking the brat over the maternal lap. Squirming Jess receives a hard bare bottom spanking still in her revealing slutty attire as the spankings continue when her bikini bottoms are pulled down. Now Mom also uses a stinging leather paddle across her ample bouncing booty to teach the naughty slutty girl about dressing more appropriately in public. JOIN FOR MORE

The Bathbrush and Soap For Raven

Previously on AAAspanking.com Raven had to be spanked by Dad for hiding her school report card and then lying about it in "Poor Report Burning Bottom." Now mom (Miss Elizabeth) deals with their lying naughty girl as was promised in the first film. Raven has been sent upstairs to receive the next part of her punishment, but this time it starts with the bathbrush across her still, sore throbbing bottom. She is understandably nervous and endures a short mean scolding before her poor bottom endures more painful consequences. For her lies and foul mouth, Raven's promised mouth soaping is next and once in the bathroom, the ordeal begins. Her bottom, visibly swollen and sore, is still bared, but her mouth is washed with plenty of cleansing, scrubbing bubbles. Raven drools and gags as the soap reaches every part of her dirty swearing mouth. These two punishments are severe and can be viewed separately but we suggest you view both which you can do via our group of websites or clip stores: The choice is yours! JOIN FOR MORE

Sassy Stepdaughter Sarah Spanked

Sarah's new stepmom, Lady Jose, has strict rules when it comes to following a curfew and getting chores done around the house. Sarah has stayed out well past curfew once again and her stepmother is very upset. Now Sarah will be too tired the next day to help with her chores. Not only is this naughty young madam returning home too late but she is wearing inappropriate clothing. Her midriff is showing and her skirt is way too short. Stepmother takes the brat over the lap for much needed discipline with a very hard hand spanking that has Sarah yelping and squirming from this stern discipline. Lady Jose knows how to ensure a naughty girl learns her lesson the old fashioned way! JOIN FOR MORE

Messy Sarah Spanked by Mommy

Sarah and her Mistress are on vacation. Sarah has been nothing but a slob leaving wet towels all over the bathroom floor and leaving the "Do not disturb" sign on the door so the housekeepers cannot come in and tidy up. The lazy girl gets a rude awakening when confronted over the mess in their room and is taken right over Mommy's lap for a mean hand spanking. After her bottom is glowing red and burning with shame, Sarah is given a good breakfast serving of the leather strap and cane. This is all carried out on her already aching, sore spanked bare bottom. JOIN FOR MORE

Bratty Matilda Spanked

Matilda has been brought along on a business trip to a nice hotel with her mom. It is the first time she is allowed to go on such an adventure to a swanky establishment and enjoys the hotel amenities. She enjoys it so much that she orders lots of room service and takes fancy drinks from the mini bar not realizing that they cost an extortionate amount! Mom is very upset to get a bill from the hotel and confronts her girl. Matilda is very cheeky and has quite a bad attitude about the whole affair. To end this nonsense, she is swiftly taken over the maternal lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. She continues to talk back so Mommy takes the leather paddle to her already sore bottom followed by the leather strap. Matilda is then made to sit on her sore bottom and finish the cake that she had ordered. She doesn't want to since she feels so full already from all the expensive goodies but Mommy doesn't care. When she argues more she is pulled back over the lap for more spankings with the leather paddle. JOIN FOR MORE

1940's Maternal Discipline Scene Ten

Scene Ten: This clip concludes the discipline of Sarah Jane and Susan as well as the series. They are both spanked by Mrs. Ridley upstairs. This is designed to be as embarrassing as possible since each sister will be punished in front of the other. Sarah Jane and Susan are each soundly smacked on the backs of their thighs as they are told to look at themselves in the full-length mirror. Next, they are told they must ask for the hairbrush to be applied to their bare bottoms as both girls get spanked over their white fitted shorts which they both find especially embarrassing. The smacks of the brush on their bare bottoms sting much more as they kick and wince in pain but are told to continue to hold eye contact looking at themselves in the mirror. Before the punishment concludes, Sarah Jane and Susan receive six of the best from the dreaded cane on their already sore stinging backside. Only then must they put on embarrassing panties with the bottoms cut out so that they can be led through the house with their red bottoms on display for all to see! JOIN FOR MORE
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