Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. See everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping, plus so much more. Sarah is in a real life relationship with Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bernadette and as many of you know, Dana Specht. A lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play. Sarah also enjoys playing "mommy" in some of the videos to some of the younger models who appear here. This site is Sarah’s true passion. There is nothing she enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure.

Chastised For No Chores

Lily's mother told her that she needed to clean up the house before company was due over later that day. Mother is very upset when she arrives home later to find lazy Lily lounging around in her pajamas on the couch instead of finishing the chores. It isn't the first time this has happened but Mom plans to make it the last by taking this naughty girl over her lap for a deserved bare-bottom punishment. She is also shocked that Lily would be wearing such slutty pajamas in the Living Room... Mom demands that Lily throws out the excuse for underwear that she has on. The lazy girl is spanked by the stern maternal hand before being given the leather Family Strap across her bare sore quivering buttocks to ensure that she learns her lesson. JOIN FOR MORE

Bella's Embarrassing School Spanking

Bella sits in Headmistress Scarlet's office between the stern lady and her own mother. Mother is to be informed that Bella's grades have been slipping and she has been caught passing notes more than once in class. Mother is very alarmed to hear of this news and asks how exactly the school will deal with this. Headmistress explains that at this private school discipline is used and specifically spanking. Mother is very eager to witness and of course give it a go herself. Bella is told to put her elbows on the desk while she has her panties pulled down to reveal a bare pale bottom. The anticipation of being bent over, exposed and waiting is just as humiliating as the actual spanking itself. Bella is taken over the lap or the strict Headmistress for a hard hand and hairbrush spanking in front of mother, how embarrassing! Next, it is mother's turn to redden her girls bottom to an even darker shade of red. After the two ladies feel that she has learned a lesson, Bella is stood bare bottom facing the desk as Scarlet explains that for future misdemeanors the leather strap and cane will to be used. A contrite Bella is sent back to class. JOIN FOR MORE

Another Spanking for Andy

Mommy is very upset with her naughty girl, Andy, as she had misbehaved earlier that day at her Dad and Stepmom's house being vulgar. Mom will not suffer from this behavior as it naturally reflects poorly on her. Andy was spanked earlier that day by Dad but that wasn't good enough. Mommy always uses the wooden hairbrush when Andy is naughty! She calls Andy into her room early that evening and scolds an already contrite sorry girl. Andy knows she is in for more punishment and this time it's going to be much harder. She goes over the imposing maternal lap for another mean hand spanking on her already aching sore bottom. This is followed by a humiliating and painful punishment with the wooden hairbrush after she is told to present the implement and ask Mom to spank her with it... how embarrassing! Andy is left to contemplate the consequences of her earlier vulgarity and is one sorry, sore young madam knowing the coming bedtime will be a most uncomfortable experience! JOIN FOR MORE

Winter Ryleigh's Hairbrush Spanking

Winter's new stepmom (Miss Matthews) has been given permission to deal with her whenever and however she needs to... using the "old-fashioned" methods of correction. This means that a rude slutty brat can, at last, be taken over her lap for a long overdue and richly deserved spanking. Miss Matthews has had enough of Winter's back talk and dressing inappropriately like a "common harlot". After a stern scolding about how inappropriate her new dress is for going out, she takes the stunning, naughty rude redhead over her lap for a hard-hand spanking. Winter's sassy behavior also merits the use of the Mason & Pearson hairbrush and this stinging implement of correction really grabs the young lady's attention. She wriggles and kicks over her stepmother's lap as her bottom ends up as red as her lush pin-up red hair. Her punishment ends when Winter is genuinely apologizing and promising to dress more appropriately as she assures her new stepmom that she will have a better attitude at home. JOIN FOR MORE

Consequences for Gena

Gena has gotten in lots of trouble at school, so much that her teacher, Miss Bernadette, has to come to her home and have a talk with her and her mother. Gena has been rude, disrespectful, not to mention dressing inappropriately. Miss Bernadette wants to show her mom, Miss Elizabeth, just how discipline is handled in her classroom right then and there and mom is all to eager to comply. Gena is embarrassed to go over her teacher's lap in front of her mom but even more mortified to have to go over her own mother's lap in front of her teacher. She is soundly spanked with hand and hairbrush until she is a very sorry contrite young lady. JOIN FOR MORE

Dylan Learns Respect

Dylan has been such a disrespectful brat and her new stepmother, Bernadette, has had enough of this behavior. She has permission from Dylan's father to take matters into her own hands and teach this naughty young lady some manners the old-fashioned way. Confronted with yet more disrespect from Dylan, she is quickly turned over Stepmother's lap for a spanking in her onesie before being told to bare her bottom and remove the garment so she could be spanked naked... how humiliating. As if that wasn't enough to teach this brat a lesson, she is given an additional spanking with the dreaded hairbrush that stings so much, she wriggles in shame over Bernadette's lap. In the future, Dylan will be mindful to afford more respect to her new maternal figure. JOIN FOR MORE

Lyra the Little Liar

In this special custom film, Lyra has been lying to her Stepmother (Miss Bernadette) saying she is not feeling well and is just going to study... then go to bed. After her Stepmother leaves the room, Lyra quickly takes off her pajamas to reveal a very sexy goth outfit, then puts on black lipstick, grabs her shoes, and attempts to sneak out to go to a concert. Stepmother suspects that her naughty girl would do something like this and is well prepared waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. Lyra has no explanation and knows she will be punished. Grabbed by the ear, she is marched into the Living Room, taken over the maternal lap as her fishnet tights are pulled down, and a thermometer put in her bottom to see just how sick she really is! StepMommy is right, there is no fever... all that is wrong is that she has a little liar that needs to be dealt with. Lyra is spanked until her bottom is a shameful stinging red. More punishment follows, but it will be extra humiliating. She is told to go to the "Baby Room" to change into the outfit that has been laid out for her and wait in the corner, hands on head... How humiliating! Lyra is then taken over the maternal lap once more but she is spanked with a wooden paddle over the embarrassing onesie and then on the bare sore bottom. She squeals and kicks but that doesn't make the spanking stop. After her bottom is now a deep crimson, she is laid on some pillows to raise her bottom nice and high, and the old-fashioned "Baby Thermometer" is put in her bottom for added embarrassment. Lyra must study the rest of her school book like this while her Stepmother watches her. JOIN FOR MORE

The Worst Day Ever

Alora has decided to take her mother's new vibrator and introduce it to her girlfriend, Essie. Upon coming home, Mother is less than pleased to find the two naughty girls up to no good with HER vibrator! She lectures them both sternly before deciding to give them a much-needed good old-fashioned punishment. If they are going to steal her belongings they deserve to be spanked. They are bent over the bed, side by side, for a bare bottom spanking with Mom's stinging hand. Both girls squeal in pain but that doesn't make Mommy stop the embarrassing discipline as they are spanked next to each other. However, this is far from over, as it is time for an even more humiliating punishment to teach these naughty slutty thieves a proper lesson. They are put on the bed in the diaper position with their legs spread wide like the little sluts they are and Mommy spanks them with the hairbrush to show them just how upset she is! From the earlier fun highs with Essie, poor Alora remarks that "This is the worst day ever!" JOIN FOR MORE

Sarah's Week with Mommy: The Third Spanking

Last month I spent a whole two weeks with Mommy in Toronto. We decided to film a short series of films inviting you, the viewer, into our everyday lives. I always try to be a good girl and follow all of the rules, but sometimes I make mistakes and of course, I am punished for them. There are three spankings in this series and then a final reward which will be shown on Sarahsfetishplay.com

In the third scene, I am punished again. It is a rule in the house that I always set the table, fill the water glasses, clean up after supper which includes the dishes. I was lazy one night and not on my usual game about it all and that is not being a good submissive. Mommy is less than pleased and another spanking is in order, I am spanked with her hand, then hairbrush and she ends with the strap. She states that being a good submissive means I need to anticipate what my Dominant wants and needs and not wait to be told. Tonight that wasn't the case and my bottom paid the price once more. JOIN FOR MORE

Time Management Over My Knee

Veronica has been having problems with managing her time properly. The Dean of her college has been in touch with her mother about this problem and it isn't the first time this has happened. She spends more time hanging out with her friends and far less on her studies, which is unacceptable considering how much her mother has paid for college tuition. It is time for a lesson in time management right across the maternal lap with some much-needed discipline. Veronica's bottom is given an old-fashioned spanking with the promise of the hairbrush to come. To add to her humiliation she must ask her mother to use the Mason and Pearson brush across her already sore aching bare buttocks to teach her a real lesson that she will not soon forget! JOIN FOR MORE
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