Welcome to Momma Spankings, a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. See everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spanking, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping, plus so much more. Sarah is in a real life relationship with Miss Elizabeth, Miss Bernadette and as many of you know, Dana Specht. A lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play. Sarah also enjoys playing "mommy" in some of the videos to some of the younger models who appear here. This site is Sarah’s true passion. There is nothing she enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure.

Hairbrush Spanking and Strapping for Sarah


Blaire's Bedtime Spanking

Blaire has been spanked earlier in the day by dad for being rude, disrespectful and not doing chores. A spanking in the day always means a spanking at bedtime. Now it is Stepmom's turn to take this naughty brat over her lap. It isn't just going to be a hand spanking though. A hairbrush always teaches a much better lesson. Blaire is scared and waiting as she knows what is about to happen. After a good scolding she is taken over the lap for the dreaded punishment. She is spanked over her pajamas, panties, and of course on the bare bottom with stepmommy's stinging hand and hairbrush. JOIN FOR MORE

Stepsisters Spanked Together

Sarah and her stepsister, Bella, wanted to have a fun afternoon out in London doing some sightseeing. They decide it would be far more fun to sneak onto the train without paying. Little do they know that the London Transport Authority has notified Mommy of both girls' naughty behavior. Upon returning home, they are not honest, pretending that they had a great day and didn't get into any trouble at all. Mommy knows they are lying and tells them about the embarrassing phone call and that they will be soundly punished for the blatant lies and bad behavior. They are each spanked over their panties and then on the bare bottom. Sarah is first taken over the maternal lap, as Bella watches with nervous trepidation. It is doubly humiliating for them as they can see and hear the spankings, and know exactly how the other miscreant feels! However, the punishment only finishes when they are both given 10 hard strokes of the "Family Strap" bent over the couch with cheeks bared and exposed for the dreaded leather implement. Afterward, their heads bowed in shame, they are told to stand in the corner with their red, sore bottoms on full display. JOIN FOR MORE

Delta Disciplined by Mom

Delta was supposed to be babysitting her younger sister but instead, she put her in front of the TV and turned on the cartoon channel to keep her occupied. That was so she could invite her boyfriend over, which was strictly against mom's rules. Upon her return, Mom questions Delta how the babysitting went and Delta flat out lies to her face. Mom tells her that she knows Delta is lying and that will only make her spanking worse if she continues. Delta is taken across mommy's lap for a hard spanking with the maternal hand on her bare buttocks. The poor girl's round booty bounces and turns red but worse is to come... The promised hairbrush spanking for continually lying means her already sore bottom gets whacked with the wooden implement until her cheeks are swollen and sore. She is left to rub her bottom better and think about her selfish behavior. JOIN FOR MORE

Lily's Bathbrush Punishment

Lily has been spanked at school and she knows that when she gets a spanking at school she receives another at home. This is a rule in their household. Lily's bottom is already aching and sore but that won't stop her from getting the promised punishment from her angry mom. Still dressed in her school uniform, she goes right over Mommy's lap for a hand spanking. The school pinafore comes up after only a short time to reveal a red bottom peeking out of her regulation school knickers. Finally, she pulls down Lily's knickers as a proper spanking is always given on the bare bottom. Lily knows that the dreaded wooden bathbrush is next and it will not be pleasant. The bathbrush always teaches the best lessons in good behavior. Poor Lily is spanked with the heavy brush over mommy's lap until her bottom is wickedly sore, swollen, and bruised. She is left to contemplate her punishment, soothing and rubbing her red globes of shame on the bed... Lily is one very sorry apologetic young lady. JOIN FOR MORE

Lazy Helen Spanked

Helen has been lying in bed most days until noon. She isn't keeping up with her chores and mom has had enough of this nonsense. She gets her lazy girl out of bed and tells her off. Helen rolls her eyes and isn't taking any of it seriously. This infuriates mom, who knows that Helen needs is a damn good spanking, something she should have given this brat a long time ago. Mom takes her naughty lazy girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking, pajama bottoms and panties pulled down, which humiliates Helen but worse is to come. She then has Helen fetch the hairbrush next to the bed and ask for it to be used across her bared buttocks. This is so embarrassing to have to stand, bare from the waist down, and ask Mommy to spank her with the hairbrush. It's a mean, stinging implement that has the lazy girl yelping and wriggling over the maternal lap as the spanking punishment intensifies. Helen is left to rub her sore red bottom and think about how she will improve her behavior around the house. JOIN FOR MORE

Slutty Friends Spanked by Mom

Cherry and Elori are having a sleepover and have decided to sneak out. Returning home at 4am they are confronted by Elori's angry mom who has been waiting up for them. The two naughty girls come strolling in wearing very short dresses and high stiletto heels. They are very argumentative with mom and insist that they are not dressed like sluts. Mommy is not having any more back talk and decides to take the naughty girls, one at a time, over her lap starting with her girl, Elori. When she raises her daughter's skirt she is shocked to find no panties... How dare she not wear them! This shocks and upsets mom, even more, making her spank her girl long and hard until her bottom is a deep shade of crimson. Next, it is Cherry's turn to go over the knee for a hand spanking. She is not wearing panties and receives an even harder spanking for this. After their bottoms are very red the girls are each bent over and given a hard leather strapping with the "Family Strap" which stings on their already sore bottoms. Afterward, they are stood together, in time out, to think about their horrid ways before being sent to bed. JOIN FOR MORE

Class Clown Punished

Riley has got herself into serious trouble at school for being the class clown once more... saying rude things about her teacher to get a cheap laugh. When her stepmother learns of this behavior she is very upset. She waits for Riley to come home and then asks her what happened at school. Riley is economical with the embarrassing truth but her stepmommy already knows the shameful facts and plans to add something special to the impending punishment. A spanking at school always means a spanking at home. Riley is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking over her panties and then on the bare bottom. To really drive the point home, the dreaded hairbrush is taken to Riley's already sore, aching bottom making the poor girl squirm and wriggle as the stinging implement does its job. After her spanking, she is taken to the bathroom and told the additional part of this punishment is a well-deserved mouth soaping for speaking rudely about her teacher. Riley's mouth is a frothy sudsy mess by the time the soaping punishment is finished, she is one very sorry-looking young lady who knows there are very real consequences for clowning around at school. JOIN FOR MORE

Thieving Hands Spanked Bottom

Sarah and Momma Dana are on vacation in Vegas and Sarah decided to help herself to Momma's debit card. She maxes it out and then tries to lie about it. That only makes things worse for her. Of course, she knows what the punishment is and it is always a spanking when she misbehaves. After a long stern scolding, she is taken over Momma's lap for a hard mean hand spanking. It isn't long before the panties come down and Sarah's poor bottom is turning a deep shade of crimson. Next, Momma takes the leather paddle to Sarah's aching behind which only makes her squirm and kick more. The end of this punishment leaves Sarah as a sad sorry girl who certainly won't be stealing from Momma again! JOIN FOR MORE

Not Good Enough

Mommy is beyond disappointed in her daughter Willow. A lot of money is spent to send her to the best private school and she has done poorly in all her classes. Willow is simply not trying hard enough and that is just not good enough for mommy. She is scolded firmly and told how disappointed both mommy and daddy are in her. The stern words hurt almost as much as the hard spanking. Mommy spanks her naughty girl with hand, paddle and hairbrush until her bottom is a deep burning crimson. Willow is sent to bed a sobbing mess to think about her wayward ways. JOIN FOR MORE
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